Monday, October 15, 2012

It has been awhile! I just wanted to let you all know I am loving mommy hood! This blog unfortunately is a casualty to this new found joy. BUT, I am actually getting back to my sewing and wanted to share with you all my progress on Little E's 2012 Halloween costume.

Here is my sketch using the fabulous iPad application called Paper by FiftyThree:

He didn't state he wanted to be a robot exactly, but he has some jammies and a new sheet set with them on it. So I thought I would attempt a robot costume this year.

First I deconstructed a pair of his regular elastic waist pants using the wonderful Kid Basic Pant tutorial by Dana over on the MADE blog ( I used standard quilting cotton material for the main pants, but before I sewed up the inseam and the outer seams, I top stitched down a strip of basic yellow felt across the pant at the knees. I trimmed the extra bulk of the felt inside the pant after sewing up the seams. I hand sewed the round knob on the outside of the knee using the same felt material. The diameter of the circle is between 1" - 1.5". I attached to that circle a 1" strip of the felt to make a knob raised off the pant's surface. I also stuffed it with a little polyfill to give it a little structure.

Pants for the robot costume

Next came the body piece. I wanted basically a sleeveless t-shirt shape. So I just used one of his t-shirts and traced the main trunk/bodice of the t-shirt for my pattern. I left one side open and attached velcro to make it easier to get it on and off of Little E. Felt doesn't stretch to well and I was afraid it would be a struggle to get it on over his head with both sides sewn.

I used a protractor as a template to trace the half circle dial on the front of the body piece. The dial hand and tick marks are black embroidery thread. Since taking the pictures below, I added the three knobs in the red and grey box at the bottom of the body piece. They are similar to the ones pictured on the back of the body piece.

The back red box is raised up from the surface using one flat square of red felt. I cut out squares at the corners and sewed them up like you would do a box corner. I top stitched a ridge around the edge and added a second yellow rectangle of felt. I used some plastic canvas to give it some stability as well as stuffed it with polyfil to give it some height off the surface of the body piece.

The knobs were made in the same fashion as the knobs at his pant knees, but I added white embroidery thread to make them look like they have markings like dials you would see on a stereo, tuner, or old TV.

Front of costume Back of robot costume

Next came his hat. I used a fleece hat pattern to get the basic shape. The pattern has you cut out for pieces to make the hat. You sew up two sets and you get the front and back of the hat. I added the extra stitching at these seams to have the felt seams inside the hat lay flat, but I think they kinda add to the costume; almost like seams for where the metal of the robot come together :)

Robot Costume Hat

Before I stitched together the front and back halves of the hat. I top stitched a rectangle for the eye opening as well as the rectangle for the nose. I hand stitched the black felt for the pupils because I wanted them to look more integrated with the yellow felt of the eye opening. Once again the white thread on the pupils is embroidery thread (hand sewn).

I made a small wire frame for the antenna. Then traced around the wire frame to get the shape for the yellow felt. I used my machine to sew all the way around the oval, but left an opening where I could turn it out and insert the wire frame into the felt pocket. The black stem is also felt I rolled into a cylinder. I closed the side of it by top stitching down the side of it with my machine. The stem of the wire frame slide inside the cylinder easily. I still need to permanently attach the antenna to the hat and the yellow oval to the top of the antenna. I also cut out some felt circles and strips to make the bolts that are on the side of the head of the robot (see sketch above).

My final three items to sew are stripes of grey fabric I am adding to his red t-shirt sleeves, his claw/pincher hand covers and shoe covers in the shape of boots. I am not quite sure how to do the boot covers just yet, but I will monkey around with the felt, velcro and elastic to whip up something :)

All this was made possible by my wonderful new sewing machine, a Janome 7330!

My new sewing machine!

Well that's all for now, but I promise to post pictures of the final costume as soon as it's completed.

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