Thursday, March 17, 2011

First three vertical rows complete

I have finished five vertical rows for the new wave quilt. From the picture you can see that four of those have been sewn together for the top. The fifth is for the two I am placing on the back. Only four more to go :)

You can also see my stacks of wedges with the sashing sewn on them for the remaining columns on my cutting table.

This is really piecing together quickly!


DeeRoo said...

This is looking great Heidi!! I sure hope it's a keeper!:)

Jen said...

that looks awesome!

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful!!! What will the final size be?

Heidi said...

According to the pattern the final size will be around 51" x 55". Though I made a slight mistake with centering the sashing on the wedges and had to take off a 1/2" on the bottom of them to corrected it :)

Silly Heidi, read all the instructions thorghoughly before cutting and sewing. The instructions told me how to not have the sashing problem, I just didn't read it.