Thursday, December 16, 2010

Charity Quilts

I finally finished theses lap sized quilts that my friend, Tracy from TL Kennedy Longarm Quilting, quilted for me last January. I donated it to a local group for a charity raffle. I used a couple sets of charm squares I picked up at JoAnne's a couple of years ago. I think they turned out well. I like how simple they are. The colors and the bold prints help carry the tops.

Charity Quilt #2

An awesome close up of the great swirl quilting Tracy did for me. You can't tell from this photo, but the thread is a lovely mossy green.

Close up of quilting

I kept the backs simple to using left overs and some yardage from my stash. My goal was to not go out and purchase any addition fabric for the two quilts.
Back of Charity Quilt #2

Sorry about the poor picture on this one. It was last minute and in my office at work right before I delivered the quilts for the raffle.
Charity Quilt 1

Another awesome close up of the quilting. This quilt had a lovely red thread for the quilting. It was very striking contrast on the black fabric.
Close up of Quilting

Another simple back using up yardage from my stash.
Back of Charity Quilt #1


Jen said...

Thank you Heidi and Tracey for your generosity!!! I was a big winner and won the brown/blue quilt. It is absolutely beautiful and I love it! Fantastic work girls! =)

ps... I know that's a lot of exclamation points, but I feel very strongly about it =)

DeeRoo said...

They deserve all those exclamation points!

They are beautiful in their need to post them on Fresh Modern Quilts!!:)

BTW...loved the crochet a good chuckle that they are for your son's "teachers" since I know you just birth him!!;)

Heidi said...

Well, the care facility likes to call itself a school and not a daycare. So I am trying to use school and teacher instead of daycare and caregiver :) And darn it, he does learn stuff there! This week he learned how to blow spit bubbles :)