Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summer Bees

Make you feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine of my mind-ind :)

- Seals and Crofts (1972)

Just a little eye candy for you all. These are all the quilting bee blocks that I have finished over the summer.

1. Bee Addicted 2 September Block 3, 2. Bee Addicted 2 September Block 1, 3. Bee Addicted 2 September Block 2, 4. Bee Addicted August Block 1, 5. Circuit Block Party Block 1 August, 6. Circuit Block Party Block 2 August, 7. Scraptastic Bee September Block 1, 8. Scraptastic Bee September Block 2, 9. Scraptastic Bee August Block 1, 10. Scraptastic Bee August Block 2, 11. Spider Bee July 1, 12. Circuit Block Party July 1, 13. Circuit Block Party July 2, 14. Pinwheel Star for Beatnik Bee July, 15. Half Log Cabin for Nittany Block Party July, 16. Asterisk Blocks for Bee Addicted 2 July, 17. Wonky Star for July Scraptastic Bee, 18. Spider Bee June 3, 19. Bee Liberated: July, 20. Nittany Block Party: June, 21. Bee Liberated: June, 22. Bee Liberated: June #2, 23. Beatnik Bee: June, 24. Bee Addicted 2: June Extras, 25. Bee Addicted 2: June, 26. Bee Addicted 2: June, 27. Scraptastic Bee: June, 28. 3 X 6 Bee Block for Michellesews, 29. 3 X 6 Bee Block for Daveandsusi, 30. 3 X 6 Bee Block for funkygoodstuff, 31. 3 X 6 Bee Block for Quiltedoma, 32. 3 X 6 Bee Block for Chmihen, 33. 3 X 6 Bee Block for Neetermo

And just so you all are not worrying, I delivered our son without complications in early August. We have been limiting where we are posting pictures and detailed information about our son to only those places that are secure. We are trying to be careful. Thanks for understanding :)
In case it takes me a little while to get back here to post, have an excellent fall!


Jen said...

ok.... LOVE the houses and the green "round" ones especially! Of course, they're all beautiful...

Tina said...

lots of wonderful blocks you've been busy with. congratulations on the birth of your son!

Jo said...

good news about your son, glad everything went well. Don't know if you ever look at Attic24 blog, she has children, and gives glimpses of toes or shoes, its so sweet. You do have to be careful these days, ...such a shame