Wednesday, July 21, 2010

9 Months

The Chairs

Heidi at 36 Weeks Pregnant

Well, here I am at 9 months with Little E! We went to the PSU Arboretum to get some photos taken by our friend Dave. He is a really good photographer. Check out his Flickr photos...

Oh and to top things off the kitchen remodel is going swimmingly :) Here's a sneeky-peek into how it looks:

From Theatre Room View

From Foyer View

From Dining Room View

Backsplash Tile

Not much else going on here except getting ready to have Little E. I am hoping to get to some sewing this week and weekend. Let's see if Little E cooperates and gives me enough energy to do that ;)


Rafael's Mum said...

That's quite a tum!! and the kitchen looks fantastic and all done now? Get some rest before the big day, this is the time you can afford to put your feet up!! happy sewing!

DeeRoo said...

Yeah for almost finished kitchens and yeah for big tummies!:) You look fabulous girlie....and if your body is saying rest you best listen to it!:) There will be plenty of time for sewing...once little E graduates from High School!;P

Needled Mom said...

Ugh!!!! I know how you feel.

Love the renovations. It looks fabulous.

Happy delivery!!!

Teresa said...

Good luck!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

Very nice kitchen, Heidi!!! Congrats on Little E as well. I wish you the best, and am glad you don't have to slog through August as well. Summer and pregnancy are JUST HARD, I have heard. I don't know because I had all six of my babies in the spring, January, February and March. Thank goodness. They just kept me warm through the winter months.

highwaycottage said...

Best of luck for Little E's arrival Heidi. Prayinga ll is smooth sailing for you.

bellaandmolly said...

You look fabulous and so does the kitchen. Best of luck with litte E's arrival!!!! Tracy

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