Monday, April 19, 2010

Bees, Bees, and More Bees

So I have been busy trying to get through my commitments to my online quilting bees. I was a little behind because of my morning sickness at the end of December / beginning of January. So I had lots of catching up to do :)

Here are all the blocks I did for my bees for February and March. I really enjoyed making each and every one of them. And my paper piecing skills are really getting challenged. I love it!
1. Bee Addicted 2: March, 2. Bee Addicted 2: March, 3. Beatnik Bee: March, 4. Beatnik Bee: March, 5. Nittany Block Party: March, 6. Nittany Block Party: March, 7. Circuit Block Party: March, 8. Scraptastic Bee: March, 9. Scraptastic Bee: March, 10. Scraptastic Bee: March, 11. Spider Bee: March, 12. Spider Bee: February, 13. Nittany Block Party: February, 14. Bee Addicted 2: February Block for Teaginny, 15. Bee Addicted 2: February Block for Teaginny, 16. Bee Addicted 2: February Blocks for Teaginny, 17. Bee Addicted 2 November Blocks, 18. Circuit Block Party: February Finished Blocks