Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bumbles Bounce

Our two newest ornaments from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer TV Special by Rankin and Bass. The Bumble (a.k.a. the Abominable Snow Monster of the North) with Rudolf and Yukon Cornelius with his sled dogs. I love all of the Rankin and Bass holiday specials. The stop motion animation is incredible.

I had totally forgotten about purchasing these ornaments. It was a wonderful surprise to pull them out of their boxes last night and put them on our tree. Yes, hubby and I were actually able to put our up this year. See, we have to travel sometimes around the holidays. And with three mischievous cats, we decide not to tempt fate and leave them munchies when we are away from home.

I purchased LED lights for the tree as well. I love them and feel better about keeping the tree on and not consuming to much energy to do it. Expensive little things though, 11.99 for 60 lights. But I know I did the right thing :)

ORB Round 4 Sting Tutorial
I should be posting the next tutorial for the string block this weekend. I had hoped to get it done this week. But it just isn't working out.


craftnosis said...

oooh, i was SO excited to read your post! 'rankin and bass' are my favorite holiday words! stop motion is wonderful - rudolph, the little drummer boy, the year without a canta clause, nestor... i have been collecting those videos for years - i guess now it's time to upgrade to dvd or bluray :)

DeeRoo said...

I bought Rudolph, Bumble and something else (can't remember) a a craft store, they are about 1" tall and you put them in water and they grow!!!:) Stocking stuffers for my hubby and kids!:)
They don't make em like they used to and that's because those are perfect!:)

Jen said...

aagghh... These are AWESOME! I'm so happy you guys got a chance to put your tree up this year! Enjoy =)

Rachel said...

christmas just IS NOT christmas without rudolph and hermie and the rest of the rankin and bass clan. LOVE! IT! happy holidays!