Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ORB4 Round 4 - Week 2, Cutting Crazy 9-patch and Blank Blocks

Well hello everyone! We are on week 2 of round 4 in the Old Red Barn Quilt Along. See my previous post for information on the designs and fabric requirements if you want to join in the fun!

And now for the cutting instructions!

Cutting Instructions for Crazy 9-patch and Blank Blocks:
  • Option 1: Wild Circle Suprise
  • Option 3: Little of This, Little of That ...
  • Option 4: Look Ma, No Curves!
**Note: Option 2: Snowball Supreme does not have crazy 9-patch or blank type blocks in the design. The cutting and sewing instructions for the snowball block will be posted Monday, November 16th.

Download the PDF with the instructions on how to cut up your fat quarters or 1/2 yard cuts. Each option has it's own page of instructions.

Option 4 Changes
I had to make a minor change for Option 4. The snowball blocks are now blank block types. After making the snowball block, I found out it would require a really odd cutting measurements to make it work with the string and crazy-9's in this option. The easiest solution was to change them into blanks.

Any questions, pleas feel free to let me know.

Instructions for piecing the crazy 9's and blanks will be posted sometime next week. Snowball cutting instructions will be posted Monday, November 9th.

Happy Cutting! And look for another giveaway soon over on the ORB Flickr discussion threads.

**Edited 11/7/09
Several people were having problems with the written instructions. So I made some step by step photos of the cutting process. The photos are on flickr in sets (see the links below).

These are only for the crazy 9 patches and blank blocks. Strings and snowballs are still in the works.

1/2 Yard Cut
Fat Quarter (Crazy 9)
Fat Quarter (Blank)

The pictures in the sets are labeled step 1, step 2, etc. Each photo has a description to help you through the step.


RosaMarĂ­a said...

hi Heidi! great instructions!!! i hope do these round soon!!

Dana said...

Heidi -- Can I admit in public here on your blog that I hate patterns and am intimidated by your cutting instructions. Don't get me wrong . . . I know they are well written and clear to the world. You see, I just have pattern cutting and making anxiety. Hence the reason I never do it. I just printed out the cutting instructions for option one and just looking at them has me wanting to run for the hills. :)

Heidi said...

I am so sorry, Dana. I ment the instructions to be helpful. What can I do to put your mind at ease?

One simple rule for the cutting. Just make sure you get the number of pieces out of them for your 9-patches and blanks. No matter how you cut it up you should still be able to use whatever is leftover elsewhere in the top ;)

Deep breath, have a little chocolate on me, and cut away.

Crazy9's need to be 15" x 15"
Blanks need to be 13" x 13"

I will post some picture tomorrow that might help too.

amylouwho said...

This is so awesome! I'm going to have to do a quilt-later instead of quilt-along! I still have the original and round 3 to finish.... oh boy. I could get myself in trouble!