Monday, November 2, 2009

ORB4 4 - Curves and More: Week 2, Winner for the Fat Quarter Pack

I know I promised the cutting instructions today, but I felt uncomfortable having you cut up your beautiful fabric before I went through and made some prototype blocks :) So I spent most of Sunday afternoon doing just that instead of finishing the cutting diagrams.

I went through and cut up some fat quarters using my cutting instructions. Then I finished out each type of block, crazy 9-patch, snowball, blank, and string, to make sure that everything ended up correctly. To wet your appetites for the instructions, I included pictures of the prototypes, hee hee... See below.

Instructions should be posted no later than Wednesday, November 4th. Thanks so much for your patience. I promise it will be worth the wait. More diagrams and pictures to help you on your way. Even video too! (Thanks to my wonderful husband recording me sewing.)

Giveaway Winner

So without further ado, the winner of the beautiful fat quarter set by Jennifer Paganelli, "Dance with Me" is Lara's Theme!

And a surprise second place winner, that gets the October 2009 edition of American Patchwork Quilting (cover photo above) is Sunflower43.

Please contact me via Flickr mail to claim your prize!

Quilt History

Quilts have such a rich history. When I was researching blocks for this round I stumbled upon the history of the Drunkard's Path block. Drunkard's Path is just one of many ways to arrange some curved piecing blocks. This particular block cuts out a 1/4 circle from the corner of a square block.

I just love how interesting the pattern is for Drunkard's Path. My father-in-law has a quilt made by his grandmother, my husband's great-grandmother, using this pattern. The red fabric has even faded to a brown. I love looking at the quilt every time we visit my father-in-law.

The history of the pattern is interesting in that the pattern was renamed to fit into the Temperance movement. Hence, the name Drunkard's Path :) Drunk... Abstinence of alcohol movement... Get it? :) The traditional colors for the pattern were either red with white background or blue with white background.

Prototype Photos

Blank Prototype
Blank Prototype
Completely boring in muslin but it did the trick :)

String Prototype
String Prototype
I wanted to see if cutting two fat quarters would actually yield two string blocks. You would want to add a little more variety to the fabrics. I just alternated.

Crazy 9-Patch Prototype
Crazy 9-Patch Prototype
Now I have given away part of the surprise :) I will be including instructions on how to make a curvy crazy 9-patch

Snowball Prototype
Snowball Prototype
Now normally the center fabric would be different from the four corner blocks. But once again I used muslin instead of cutting up my real fabric. You may want to try this technique sometime to work though ideas and not use up valuable fabric. At $9.00+ a yard it gets pricey :)

All Four Block Prototypes
All Four Block Prototypes
Now you wouldn't cut the string blocks so that the circles would end up like this :) You would make sure to turn them so that the stripes are running different directions. I just needed to make sure that the aligned and ended up the proper size.


Wendy said...

Oh boy!! Are we in for some fun!!

Always Sewing said...

Wow, I can't tell you how excited I am about this project. I am racing to get other projects done so I can focus on this one. Gosh how much fun!!!

Rafael's Mum said...

The amount of work you are putting in is amazing!! I SO want to join you... but have to wait till my mum's quilt is done!.....

Reading along and anticipating all the examples with baited breath !

Needled Mom said...

This is going to be fun and challenging.

DeeRoo said...

No worries Hats...we can wait!:)

That picture you have of the Drunkard's Path is cool, sort of an optical illusion because the black lines are waving up and down!:)

sallgood said...

I've never taken a REAL quilting class- and this surpasses anything I might have taken anyway!! Excited to see what we all do!!

Nichol said...

I LOVE the string squares....I may have to make a ton of those. The snowball is nice too....maybe I'll mix it up a bit!

Thanks Hat for all your hard work!

Dana said...

Aaaaccckkk!! I can't wait!!!!

karen said...

This is exciting - a little bit revealed with more to come

Karen said...

Looks awesome! Challenging and fun I hope! Thanks for all your work.

nanotchka said...

I'm looking forward to getting start! Thank you so much for all of your work! It is appreciated!

Tracey K said...

Fancy! I might actually have to join this...when I have time...when is that, by the way? Do you think my customers would be mad if I did this instead?!

Heidi said...

Tracey, you silly. You are the one that just finished a quilt in one weekend! Just whip one of these up and tantalize that customer that bought your pieces when she dropped off her quilt. Sneaky, huh?

But I am afraid that your customers will have to come first. No hall pass for you sweetie. You have to stay in study hall and finish your work. The directions will be here when you finish your Christmas rush ;)

Susan said...

Oh, that's interesting about the Drunkard's Path pattern, Hats, thanks for that! Already, you're teaching us so much.

I'm still trying to wrap my little pea-brain around this quilt... if I'm not careful, I'll have to drag out paper and pencils, like Karenc0sm0s has been trying to get me to do, and actually PLAN something. lol Oh, the HORROR!!!

Crystal Hendrix said...

Thank you for posting that!! I was getting completely confused on how this is going to work!!! So your pictures helped me a lot! Thank you!!

I am just using old material that was given to me, mostly scraps so if I like it enough or if I can handle doing another one I will!! :D THanks!