Saturday, November 7, 2009

Online Quilting Bees

12 Squared Oct.
Uploaded by handmadebyalissa on 6 Nov 09, 12.34PM EST.

I am Bee Momma for a couple of online quilting bees that will start in January of 2010.

These bees spun off of the Block Party Quilt Along flickr group. Block Party was one of the first online quilting groups. As a matter of fact, Handmade By Alissa one of the organizers of the Block Party group made the two blocks in the picture above.

Block Party is making a book about the online modern quilting community. They will be posting to their blog quarterly instructions on blocks. You can follow along and post pictures of your finished blocks/quilts to their flickr group. You may even be included in their book.

What is an online bee you ask? Well it is when 12 members of the online community get together and promise to make blocks for one another for a full year.

Each member is assigned a month of the year. When it is your month, you send out instructions and fabric to the other members on what type of block you want them to make. Then by the end of the month they will send you back a completed block. The rest of the year, you make blocks for the other members and mail them back by the end of the month. Easy peesy right!

Well, one of my bees is all filled up. But my other one, Circuit Block Party, needs a couple of more members. We have a mixture of U.S. and international members. Lots of fun to be had. Come join us!

So if you are interested, please send me an email, I need 3 more people.


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