Sunday, October 11, 2009

ORB Round 1 Quilt Finished

I took a quick picture of the label for my Round 1 ORB Quilt Along before sewing it on. I was in a rush today to get the label on as well as a hanging sleeve. The quilt needed to be dropped off for our local quilt show by 5pm today. Yikes! Talk about waiting til the last minute. I will be sure to share pictures of it when it returns from the show.

The quilt show is October 25 and 26. I plan on sharing photos with you all of the event. It is organized by the Centre Pieces Quilt Guild. I joined this group of quilters in September. I am looking forward to the show and leaning new things through the guild.

Back to the lable... As you can see I used what little scraps I had left from the front of the quilt to encase the label. This is the first time I used a print out of a font from my computer to trace for the lettering. I really like how it turned out.

I ironed freezer paper to the back of the label fabric (white middle piece). Then I taped it to the sheet of paper that I printed out on my laser printer. I held the sheet of paper up to the window so that I could see the type through the fabric. I then traced it with a pencil. The finishing touch was using a very fine tipped archival marker to write over the pencil lines.

After the tracing, I sewed on the border like you would courthouse square blocks. First the top and bottom edges. Then the left and right edges; making sure to cut off the excess after sewing each pairs.

Then I sewed a 1/4 inch all the way around the block. This was so I could have a guide to iron under edge. But also to make sure the seams on the border pieces stayed in place.

I used an Elmer's Glue stick to glue the edge under. That way I didn't have to fuss with it during my sewing. I used the glue stick and the iron to set it. I read about this trick in a tutorial online, but can't remember where. If any of you know, can you comment with the link :)

And let me tell you! Boy, does it work! Sewing this label and the binding for this quilt was a breeze using the glue down technique. No bunching, no holding the binding in place, no pinning, no clips. Ahhhh...

Have a great week :)

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Annie of Blue Gables said...

I may have mentioned it. I do mine that way, but I learned from a master: Sharon Schambler. I use the school glue and I have put it into a bottle squeeze that has a tiny pin-dot opening, in fact, it comes with a pin-like thing that goes into the hole so it doesn't dry shut.
Isn't that an amazing trick? I've wanted to share with the world since I learned this trick, it saves the fabric from traveling, you get perfect seams. It is just starch, she says.