Monday, October 5, 2009

More Charity Blocks Arrived

With the arrival of four more blocks today, the total blocks I have received to date is 26. How awesome is that! The online crafters are so generous. I couldn't have done this quilt without all their assistance. Here is my Flickr set of all the blocks if you want to have a peek. For more information on on how to participate see this post. To learn more about the charity see the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund site.

New Arrivals 

Jody From NJ's blocks arrived today. That swirly print is just luscious. And I just love circle prints. Can't get enough of them. Thanks a bunch, Jody!

Jody From NJ

Karmmj6's blocks arrived today also. I love the smoky like swirls and the solid is a very rich teal. This will set off the blocks with brown in them very nicely. Thanks, Karmmj6!


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