Friday, October 2, 2009

3 More Block Arrivals

I received BaileyGirl5's blocks in the mail today. Nanotchka's and DenaWaynes's came earlier in the week. Thanks for these lovelies, ladies!

BaileyGirl5 sent a cute note on paper with a picture of a dog. I think us crafty types love our animals. Lots of cat and dog owners are running amuk here on ORB Flickr :)
BaileyGirl5's Block

Nanotchka's contribution to my charity quilt. Her 15 year old grand niece was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. Nanotchka made a quilt for her niece using blue fabrics (her niece's favorite color). She also recently made that same niece a purple homecoming dress. The square is made from some of the leftover fabric from the original quilt. Such a touching story.

Nanotchka's Block
DenaWayne also enclosed a fat quarter of her blue and brown flower print fabric to use in the quilt. That was very thoughtful of you, Dena. Thanks!
DenaWayne's Block

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