Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twinings Tins

My husband is a big loose tea drinker in the morning at his work. Recently he brought home his stash of empty one. I looked at these things and though, hmmm..., I should be able to do something with these. It seems a shame to set them out in the recycling.

So Saturday nigh I experimented with putting fabric sleeves on them. I figured we could use them as pencil holders or something. We can sell them at the JWC Elves event this December. Since the tins are basically "free" and the fabric is from my scraps. The cost is very minimal (as I will be donating them ;)

The fabric has about a 7mm (1/4") fold on the top and bottom to make a nice edge. The length is 30 cm before it is sewn together to make the sleeve; 7mm seam on that too.