Sunday, September 20, 2009

Roses & Books for Me


I was picked up from work on Thursday by my husband. And these lovelies were what greeted me in the car. He is such a sweetie. They are sitting on my computer desk in my sewing room.

Roses smell so good. I also love all the different colors they come in. Their petals are so soft and silky. I love getting flowers. They always make me smile. Not just roses, any kind of flower :)

Informal Book Club
Informal Book Club

So a friend of mine sent me a letter in the mail requesting me to participate in an informal book club. I usually do not participate in these kinds of things, but I didn't want my friend not to get her books. So I sent out my letters to my 6 friends with her mailing address enclosed. Then I dutifully sent off a book to a lady in DuBois, PA :)

I was totally not expecting to get any books from the club. But over the past couple of days I have received two packages. These are the books sent to me from relatives of my friend Susan in Alabama. She must have asked them to participate ;)

The 50 acres and a Poodle has a history. It has been passed around Susan's family for reading. I feel honored that they would include me in that tradition. Aunt Kathy said that I was like family :) Too Sweet! The history with Susan and myself is that my husband and I introduced Alabama Susan to her husband, Tim, back in college. Tim was a high school classmate of my husband. Susan was a friend of ours in college.

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RosaMarĂ­a said...

roses always means love!!!