Friday, September 4, 2009

Online Quilting Bee and Recent Sewing Finds

Bee Addicted 2 Online Quilting Bee

I joined an online quilting bee recently. Our quilting bee has twelve participants that committed to a year long exchange of quilting blocks. Each member will send out fabric and instructions for block construction one month out of the year. The member that sends out the fabric/instructions then receives 11+ completed blocks back (one or more from each of the other members). During the other 11 months of the year, you get fabric from the other participants to make blocks for them :)

Linzi_4444 signed up for September. She wanted wonky log cabin blocks sashed in white muslin. She also allowed us to contribute to the blocks with coordinating fabric from our stash. I contributed a bit of Wildwood and a batik that I had left over from some other projects.

I was able to get two blocks completed for her. This first one has the sashing fabric already applied and cropped to the 12.5 X 12.5 final size. The second one doesn't have the sashing fabric. Linzi said she would take care of it when she gets the block back.

Bee Addicted 2 Block for Linzi_4444

Bee Addicted 2 Block for Linzi_4444

Sewing Supplies & Books

A couple of weekends ago, I went to the Hershey, PA area on a little weekend road trip. We stopped at this rummage sale and I found these beauties. Aren't those teddy bears from the 70's adorable and kinda creepy at the same time (orange, blue and red bears in picture). As best as I can tell the two quilting patterns at the bottom are from the 30's.

Rummage Sale Finds

We have this great surplus store about a 45-minute drive from our house in Altoona, PA. We were on our way to Johnstown, PA last weekend and just "happened" to be driving by Surplus City. Alright... alright, I made my husband drive by the place. Sheesh!

Trim, Zippers and Thread... Oh, My!

Zippers werre 25 cents each the spool of trim was only 2.99. The Gutterman thread is from Joann's; not cheap :) The fabric was all around 3.75 a yard. I swear I just cannot help myself. OH, and they had interfacing for only a 1.00 a yard, all weights!

Fabric Finds from Surplus City

I had some books on my Amazon wish list based on recommendations from the participants of the Old Red Barn Quilt Along and Doll Quilt Swap. Digital Textile Design, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired quilts and Collaborative Quilting are new books, but I was lucky enough to find Curves in Motion, Trapunto and Log Cabin Curves book at the same place I picked up all those patterns above.

Recent Book Purchases

Junior Woman's Club Elves

Bracelets for JWC Elves

I am a member of the local Junior Woman's Club (JWC) that is a service organization. The club raises money for local charities. For the next two years it is the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund. Bob Perks was a State College native and a founding member of Coaches vs. Cancer. After Mr. Perks died of skin cancer in 2005, his wife, Doreen, established the fund to help individuals and families dealing with cancer. The fund provides money for their basic necessities.

Every year the JWC's biggest fundraiser is around the beginning of December. They provide a place for children to purchase gifts for their family at reasonable prices (all under $5.00). It is called the Elves' Gift Shop.

I have been assigned to help with the Mother's table again. I have been making some bracelets with my bead stash. I am also going to try and make some checkbook covers too. I found a clearance sale micro suede fabric at 54" with butterflies stitched on it. I have until the beginning of November to get them done :) I might even donate another one of my quilts again this year for a silent auction that they hold during the Elves Gift Shop event.


Annie of Blue Gables said...

What a busy sweetheart you are. And all the fun stuff you found! Yea YOU.
Every year at Christmas, our choir sings for the Salvation Army Angel Tree benefit. All the profits go to the Salvation Army and an Angel tree is in the foyer for us to pick an Angel and get whatever is on the tag, and return it to the store. I love it.
nice post

susan said...

nice haul at the rummage sale. i like the look of that all year quilts one! your blocks look great, i especially like the one with a spot of pink