Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Charity Blocks Have Arrived

New Arrivals

I received some more block donations for the charity quilt yesterday. Here is the line-up:

These lovelies are from DeeRoo G. Don't cha just love that wonky star!
DeeRoo G's Blocks

These blocks are from our funny friend over the pond, Ochil_Lynz. The dark blue squares are butterflies (a little hard to tell in this photo :) ). The quilt is going to be superb, ladies!
A Peek At Donna's World's Blocks

The camera turned the block on the left a little yellow. It is actually more tan/brown. I love the large paisley print that A Peek at Donna's World used.
Ochil_Lynz's Blocks

Wonky Log Cabin Center Medallion Take 2

Wonky Log Cabin

My second attempt at this center set of blocks. DeeRoo G was very helpful in providing some feedback about switching around the order. When I switched them around the squares didn't quite fit size wise. I realized it was because they were constructed going the same direction. So when I rotated them; they didn't fit.

I made two new ones being very careful to construct them going the right direction with the logs for each spot. Whew! Then I wanted to add a little something to the bottom right square as it still was visually skinny compared to the others. So I added an appliqued round of logs that appears to be falling off the main set.

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