Monday, September 28, 2009

More Blocks Received & Wonky Cabins

Wonky Cabins

So I made another set of four wonky cabin blocks (Old Red Barn Quilt Along Round 3 led by Quilt Dad). This time I used my two left over blocks and instead of appliqueing the falling off block, I pieced it in. See the upper right block. I like this set just as much as the last one. I am 50/50 on the pieced versus appliqued falling off block though.

Wonky Cabins #2

I started to piece a border around the other set of four wonky cabins. I had plenty of left over brown solids from two other quilt projects. After adding the solid brown border, I plan to add a strip pieced border of all the different fabrics I used in the center blocks.

Monday Design Wall: First border Almost Done

Silly Kitty

So my hubby was sitting with Gobo on his lap while working on his computer Sunday. Justin decided to take the cat with him momentarily to the garage to look for something. Placing the cat near his shoulders to carry him, Gobo decided he wanted to be on Justin's shoulders for his ride to and from the garage. Well, after sitting down to do some more stuff on his computer, Justin asked me to look at what Gobo was doing. This is what I saw.

Gobo looks like a leopard in a tree to me. Gobo sat that way for quite a while and then jumped down to lay on his back in the sun on the floor.

Hubby with Gobo

Goofy cat....

Charity Quilt Blocks

I received LyndaG1's blocks on Friday. Thanks, Lynda!

LyndaG's Blocks

These two blocks are from RebeccasRags. These make me want to book a flight to a tropical island somewhere ;) The one of the right has little surf boards on it.

RebeccasRags Blocks


RosaMarĂ­a said...

your cat is very funny! i love those wonky cabin blocks!

Emma said...

Your wonky cabins look great, I love the colour combination. And surprisingly the brown looks fantastic with it!

Chris said...

Great Picture of Gobo. Thanks for you kind words about Cleo