Saturday, August 15, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love (IBOL)

Iraq Bundles of Love

I spied the Iraqi Bundles of Love donation campaign from Jacquie's blog, who spied it on Kristen's blog. Kristen's huband, a.k.a, Mr. Incredible, a.k.a, Mr. IBOL will be collecting packages of supplies to leave behind for the people he has served over in Iraq. According to Mr. IBOL, they re-use everything.  So I packed up some of my stash, needles, thread, and yarns to ship to him by September 7, 2009.

Here is where you can find more information. Mr. IBOL suggests using his ABO address and using the $11.95 flat rate US Postal System boxes for the shipping, i.e. $11.95, no matter the weight :)

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