Monday, July 6, 2009

Works in Progress

Old Red Barn Quilt Along: Back Started

Okay so I am working kinda backwards, but I had a bit of time waiting from some fabric to wash and dry. So I filled the time with sewing together the leftover blocks from the 14 strip sets. These blocks ended up 12" x 6". All together they are about 77.5" in width. Just the right size to make it across the width of the back of the quilt. Now I just need to find the right fabric to finish out the back, hmmmm. Solid or patterned, solid or patterned. I will keep you posted.

Back Strip

Brown and Green Quilt Progress

This is the one that I want to be finished before I leave to visit my family near the end of this month. I finished the front and started working on the back this weekend. I can never just have a plain back, darn it! So I started sewing together some left-over pieces from the Marque quilt I finished in May.

Hodge-podge Blocks

Here is what the strips looked like before I sewed them together.

More Piles of Blocks

They make an excellent hodge-podge of colors. I plan to alternate the starting height of the patchwork blocks so that it is not a straight line across the back of the quilt. I am using a dark brown solid fabric to finish up the vertical strips. It would look something like this.

Drawing for Back of Brown and Green Quilt

You can also see all my doodles for figuring out how much yardage I needed as well as the cutting plan.

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