Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 2: Old Red Barn Sew-a-Long

Week 2: Cut Fabric

Strips Have Been Cut

All my 2 1/2" strips have been cut and are piled on my cutting table. Though my iron bit the dust right in the middle of trying to get all the fabric flat and creased nicely for cutting. I had to hunt up an old iron to finish the task ;(

You can still join the us. Go visit Old Red Barn Sew-A-Long for more information. Here is the flickr group for all the sew-a-long too.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Final Fabric Selection for Old Red Barn Sew-A-Long

Week 1: Gather Materials

Final Fabric Selection

Here are the final 12 1/2 yard cuts for the Old Red Barn Sew-A-Long quilt. Lots of Flights of Fancy with a little bit of Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt. I had been looking for a use of the green and white fabric second in from the left. The green matches very well. I am super excited to finally get to use it. I picked it up in San Francisco at Britex Fabrics. This is a 4 story wonder of a store with lots of fabric and notions to choose from; I highly recommend popping in if you are ever in the neighborhood. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

My husband and I took a short road trip it Altoona, Pennsylvania this weekend. We stopped at Surplus City. I always find lots of goodies when I stop here. They have a good selection of quilting cottons. I always find some Michael Miller here. I walked away with quite the load of fabric this time as well as some Ric Rack and ribbon. I am thinking about using the Ric Rack on the blossom quilt I am making.

Surplus City Finds

Ric Rack

Surplus City Finds

In addition to stopping at Surplus City, we ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Campesino. Mmmmm.... Yummy!

Finally, I got started on a quilt that needs to be done before the end of the summer. I was able to make great progress on it. I cut out the pieces on Sunday night and did most of the sewing on Monday. I think it is coming along well. I have plenty of extra fabric, so I should be able to piece the back of this quilt too.

Brown and Green Quilt

Top rows of Brown and Green Quilt

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old Red Barn Co. Sew-a-Long and Janome Machine Giveaway

Okay, so I need 12 1/2 yard prints and 1 yard for the binding. I get extra credits in the giveaway if I use Paula Prass' Flights of Fancy. I don't have to use only Flights of Fancy, though. I spotted some nice prints in this line over at Fat Quarter Shop. So I might get a couple to add to the mix. I rounded up some other prints that are in the running:

Old Red Barn Co. Sew-a-Long: Fabric Selection

More next week...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap Main Block Finished & 2 More Project Improv Blocks

Large Pink FlowerSpring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap: Main Block Sewn Together

Prototype of Fabric Folding

The flowers are a three dimensional block pattern from the book Fantastic Fabric Folding by Rebecca Wat called "Inside Out Flowers". I am going to add some applique as well. Maybe some stems and some pink flowers. I am still deciding on what I want to do. I think I might be able to figure out how to do an origami butterfly or bird possibly too. I want to add some beads for the flower centers as well. I will keep you all posted on its progress.

The top left picture is of a larger flower that did not get incorporated into the quilt. I didn't like the shade of pink with the orange, red and yellow. It just didn't seem bright enough. The picture on the bottom is of my prototype square. I tried my hand at embroidery at the center, but I am not thrilled with how it turned out. Otherwise I like the prototype square a lot.

I sent two more blocks to Tall Praire Grass Studios yesterday for the Project Improv project. Here they are:

Project Improv Blocks: Pink and Orange

I still haven't progressed very far on the improv quilt I started, but I have done other improv projects, like my Mission Quilt. So I don't feel too bad. We have a three day weekend coming up so I hope to get a bit of sewing done this weekend :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Facebook Flair

Okay, so my sister got me hooked on Facebook. I have found so many old classmates and friends since I joined a couple of months ago. That being said, there are parts of Facebook that I just cannot get into. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to easily ignore the things you consider noise :)

Aside from the pictures posted by my friends, one of the applications of Facebook I do like it the "pieces of flair". I  am a fan of the movie Office Space and every time I get a piece of flair sent to me, I think about the movie. Here are a clip; WARNING: one of the characters in the clip does obscene gestures :)

Basically JoAnna after being approached by her boss previously in the movie about her not having more buttons on her suspenders (pieces of flair), is fed up and quits her job. In the movie, everytime you see JoAnna at work, she is being reprimanded by her boss for only wearing the minimum number of buttons on her suspenders. Her boss is not concerned about her work habits, only that she chooses not to where more buttons and be super happy like her male co-worker that has so many buttons on his suspenders that there is no suspender showing anymore. The movie is about how dull and silly work can be sometimes, especially processes and policies. For instance, focusing on a rule instead of the how well people are actually getting the work done. In another scene, the main character Peter is reprimanded for not putting a cover sheet on a TPS report by every single one of his bosses. It is a very tongue and cheek look at office life.

Disclaimer: If you want to see the movie, I should let you know that it contains adult content and humor.

Here is my flair board from Facebook:

One of my favorites is the frog button, it says: "If life gives you scraps... Quilt!" My younger sister found that one for me. The blue one, "I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this, Have a nice day." is a line from Disney's Hercules animated film by the character Megara. It is one of my husband's favorite lines from the movie. 
I found the "boombox", or radio for those of you who didn't grow up in the 80's ;), button myself. It says: "I often bust out with random dance moves". Not that I am a dancer by any means. Its just when the mood strikes I dance. Not a pretty sight most of the time, but every once in a while I can look semi graceful :) 
And no pieces of flair board would be complete without at least one Hello Kitty character, a reference to vampires and a Calvin and Hobbs quote :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doll Quilt Swap 6 Received

Doll Quilt Swap 6 Received

  1. the right side?
  2. the flip side?
  3. Katie Jump Rope Coasters

Thank you soooo much imagingermonkey (flickr)! I got home from work yesterday to find a package on my counter. I squeaked like a little girl and tore open the package. I had such a rough work day yesterday. Receiving this made my day and also made me forget all my work troubles.

BTW, my husband absolutely adores the coasters and the quilt too. I will post som more close ups this evening.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap

Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap

Okay, I am officially addicted to swaps. I joined another one over at Quilting Gallery called Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap. You must make a sping-inspired mini quilt for your partner. It is a mystery swap so I will not know who is sending me a quilt.

The deadline for signing up is May 4th, so hurry on over. The mailing deadline is June 21st.

Lots of fun!

***Update 5/1/09***
I just found a Quilt-a-Long over at Crazy Mom Quilts. We are making 9 patches, yeah! Let's see if I can keep up....