Thursday, March 5, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

(Rain drops on roses and wiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm wooly mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string...)

Some of my favorite quilts and images from flickr...

I know I took that picture of that sign on the last one, but I love the sign to much not to include it. The blank spots are where people optioned out of the mosaic maker tool for flickr. If you click on the link you can get to their photostream.

Quilts and Images I Love

1. Doll Quilt Swap 5: LulabellP
2. Finished Doll Quilt: katiejeanbags
3. dsq5: Heiditea
4. P1010019: sonjaartisania
5. dqs #5 top... maybe: mini_milly04
6. Scrap Spider Web: jlrose70

7. Baby Quilt: shananicole
8. Rainbow Baby Quilt: kicsoda
9. Doll Quilt for My Collection: mini_milly04
10. My Project Improv Quilt - Blocks: handmadebyalissa
11. It is all eady to go: campfollwerbaglady
12. Peck's Jewelers - Bellefontaine, Ohio: Vannah Von Sally

13. Spring Quilt: BooDilly
14. Music is Life Mini #3: Jacquie G
15. Scrappy Cabin Challenge Blocks - Set 1: Jacquie G
16. cool windows1: fissiett
17. Double Wedding Ring Quilt: boutiquenutmegdesigns
18. DQS5: Needles-n-Notions

19. spiderweb progress: crazymomquilts
20. Stacked Coins Baby Quilt: crazymomquilts
21. Darcy's Quilt Back: crazymomquilts
22. In progress: crazymomquilts
23. Project Improve Blocks: Annaleih Designs

25. my haircut and my pillow: yummygoods (sugarsnap)
26. bends:pbo31
27. Gee's Bend Book Cover: Dacia Ray
28. Society In Decline
29. Starlite Star: bomobob
30. El Sol y La Luna II: heidielliott

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jacquie said...

lots of my favorite things in there too!