Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doll Quilt Swap 6: Finished

Well I finished the back and the quilting for my doll quilt. I also was able to figure out a way to add tabs to the top of the quilt so that it can be hung on the wall on a rod. I was able to do this by sewing the sandwich together right-sides together with the batting on the back. Then turning it rightside out. I stuck the tabs into the top seam so that they would be securly attached when I flipped the quilt rightside out.

Now for what you really want to see, the finished results.
Finished Mission Quilt

Close-up of finished quilting on Mission Quilt


Here is a close up of the squares after sewing along the two pencil guidelines I made earlier.

Getting Triangles from Squares

I aligned my ruler along one of my seams using the 1/4" guide line. It should place the edge of the ruler directly on the center cut line I made with my pencil earlier. This is the line that went from corner to corner at a 45 degree angle.

Ruler on the center cutting line

I am cutting along the center line with my rotary cutter. My ruler is placed to that the 1/4" guide is on the seam I just finished sewing.

Actual Cut

Square cut into two triangles before pressing them out into squares again.

Finished Cut

This is what both sides of the cut square look like. One half is the single triangle of the Sugar Snap fabric while the other is the orange and lavender double triangle. As you can see I ironed the orange and lavender seam open. This will help later so that the center of the final block will not be so bulky.

Both sides of the triangles

After pressing the seams open and ironing the right side so the square is as flat as it is going to be, I trimmed the ends of the fabric hanging off at the corners. I used my scissors for this instead of my rotary blade. It made it go much faster.

After pressing

Double triangles sewn, trimmed and pressed. These are ready to sewn together into groups of four.

Stacks of squares

Before sewing the final blocks together I laid them out to make sure I had the double triangles pointing in the right directions and the inner pinwheels had all the same colored spokes.

Laying Out Blocks

This is what the blocks looked like after sewing up two of the four squares together. When I flipped the two squares so that their right sides were facing, I marked in pencil which side I was supposed to sew. That way I could maneuver the two squares to align and pin them without having to remember which side should be sewn.

After first round of sewing

When I was prototyping I tried pressing the seams in one direction instead of open. This caused a lot of bulk at the center of the square by the time I was finished. So for the final prototype I tried pressing the seam open and the bulkiness in the middle was lessened.

Finished pinwheel block from back

An awfully yellow picture, but this is the final layout of the double pinwheel blocks for the back side of the quilt. It will have a background/border of that dark maroon color in the Sugar Snap triangles.

Layout of back of DQS6

Here is the final back with its border and quilting done.
Double Pinwheel Back Finshed

Leftover Blocks from the Double PinWheel Back

I had two leftover blocks from the back, so I decided to make some potholders to send with the quilt to my doll quilt swap partner. Here are the sandwiched tops, batting and backing pinned and ready to be quilted.

Leftover blocks from Double Pinwheel

This is what the two potholders look like after quilting.
Quilted Potholder 1

Quilted Potholder 2

The final potholders with bias tape I made from scraps. I did this very similarly to making binding for a quilt. I added pieces together at 45 degree angles so I could have one long piece. I ironed a center crease into the fabric. Then I ironed both raw edges into the center aligning at the crease.
Finished Potholders

Back of potholders

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Giveaway over at WonderMommy

There is a giveaway over at WonderMommy for Anna Maria Horner fabric. Two fabulous yards of it! I wonder if she will ship internationally :)

I have more to post on my doll quilt swap progress, but it will have to wait. Until then I have picts posted over on flickr.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Finished Front for DQS6 - Start of Back

So I was a good little camper this weekend and finished the front of my doll quilt for the DSQ6.

Here are the doors that were the inspiration for the quilt:

Mission Door 

They are from a mission near San Antonio, TX. I love how rustic and rugged these looked. The pattern in them screamed quilt to me. I made a drawing from the photo of what I wanted to make. As I progressed though, I had to adapt to the smaller dimensions of the swap (anything between 12" x 12" - 24" x 24").

The Mission 

I had to drop the final two rows and I am going to be about a 1/2 inch over 24" height-wise. For the sake of creativity and balance I am leaving that little half inch in. Sorry :)

Progress shots

Fabrics for DQS6 

DSQ6: First blocks for Mission Quilt 

I started piecing together the three tall panels across row. I measured a little but nothing to exact. Mostly just holding the fabric up to my cutting board and getting an approximation.

Close up of row 1 

After doing the first row and adding the background fabric around the three tall panels, I realized that I would have to plan out the other two rows a little more to stay within the constraints. I used rough sketches to plan out sizes of the piecing for the two fat panel row. This worked better and I was able to keep it at a manageable width to align with the three panel row.

Close up of row 2 

First two rows 

The final row I also planned out and it went the quickest. The final row ended up at the top of the quilt because by this point I realized that I would not be able to do all five as I originally planned. So I departed at this point and placed it at the top so that I would have the three tall panel row in the middle.

Close up of Row 3 

Before adding the border fabric I noticed that the white scraps were standing out a little to much and the final row did not have any white in it.

All three rows in place before final border added 

So I added some scraps to the bottom right corner of the border to balance out the stark white.

Close up of bottom right corner 

Here is the final version of the front of the quilt:

The Mission - Finished 

Back for the quilt
I like piecing the backs for quilts as much as the front, so I decided to do a pinwheel design for the back. My partner seems to like both modern-ish quilts and classic pieced ones. This is the first time I have done a pinwheel, so I wanted to do some prototypes before cutting out from the actual fabric.


I did several versions with scraps I had in my stash, but ended up successful with making the squares 4.5" x 4.5" so that the final block would be 6.5" x 6.5". This allows me a little extra (about 1/4") to trim down to the right size. The blocks will be encased in a border and not touching, so I don't have to worry about the pinwheels matching up with the one next to it so much. Yeah, yeah, kinda cheating, but for my first time I can live with it :)

I selected a little bit more whimsical fabric for the backing. Pinwheels seem whimsical to me. There is a little bit of Sugar Snap in here by Melissa Averinos (FreeSpirit Fabrics). The Sugar Snap fabrics will be the big pinwheel in the block. This part of the block is the large blue circle fabric in the prototype blocks above.

Fabrics for backing DSQ6 

I pulled the colors from the Sugar Snap for the smaller interior pinwheel and the background fabric. Orange and lavender will make up the smaller interior pinwheel (like the purple firefly and navy blue circle fabrics from the prototype). Here is the stack of pressed orange and lavender triangles.

Finished Triangles DQS6 

Finally, I pinned all the orange and lavender triangles to the Sugar Snap squares. I drew guides on the back to make sewing the triangles easier. I did the same on the orange/lavender ones. I used my rotary cutting ruler that has a 1/4" mark (see through ruler) to create the two sewing guides on either side of the center line.


Pinned PinWheels 

After sewing these up, I will take pictures of the squares sewn but not cut apart yet. That way you can see which lines are sewn and which one I use for cutting the squares apart.

That's it for now. I will post more progress on the back soon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Blocks for Mission Quilt (DQS6)

I whipped up two of the blocks for the Mission quilt last night.
DSQ6: First blocks for Mission Quilt

The one on the left I am not sure about. There isn't enough contrast between the different sections. I like the one on the right though. There is a balance between having a distinction between the sections and the colors of those sections tying them together. I will have to experiment some more on different configurations to see what I can come up with.

I will keep all the different blocks around though. Placing them against the background fabric may perk up the one on the left.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doll Quilt Swap 6: Pattern and Fabrics Are Finally Final

I did a bunch of sketches to figure out what pattern I wanted for my DQS6 partner. I sorta wanted to do an improvisational quilt, so I settled on the pattern labeled "The Mission" below. Though I may do another quilt using "The Plaza" so I have a choice on which one I want to send.

Enlarged Drawings: Simplicity, Dancing Squares, and Graffiti
These enlargements range from 19" - 24" wide and 23" - 26" tall. They were enlarged using the live trace feature in Illustrator. I then printed them out and taped them together so I can use them as a guide while piecing together the quilt. Although these did not make the cut for DQS6, I am going to make the in the near future.
Enlarged Versions of Possible Doll Quilts

The one on the top left was inspired by a building in San Francisco:

The other two are enlarged sketches from some doodles I had in my sketchbook:
Dancing Squares

The Mission
The picture is from a mission in San Antonio, TX. I love the chunky wooden doors. I felt that they could be adapted into a quilt pattern fairly easily.
The Mission

The Plaza
This picture was taken in the Plaza in Kansas City, MO. It is a lovely district near the downtown area. Once again, this looked like a quilt to me.
The Plaza

Finally, here are the fabric selections for the Mission quilt. I will post the fabrics for the Plaza quilt as soon as I select them.
Fabrics for DQS6

Thursday, March 5, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

(Rain drops on roses and wiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm wooly mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string...)

Some of my favorite quilts and images from flickr...

I know I took that picture of that sign on the last one, but I love the sign to much not to include it. The blank spots are where people optioned out of the mosaic maker tool for flickr. If you click on the link you can get to their photostream.

Quilts and Images I Love

1. Doll Quilt Swap 5: LulabellP
2. Finished Doll Quilt: katiejeanbags
3. dsq5: Heiditea
4. P1010019: sonjaartisania
5. dqs #5 top... maybe: mini_milly04
6. Scrap Spider Web: jlrose70

7. Baby Quilt: shananicole
8. Rainbow Baby Quilt: kicsoda
9. Doll Quilt for My Collection: mini_milly04
10. My Project Improv Quilt - Blocks: handmadebyalissa
11. It is all eady to go: campfollwerbaglady
12. Peck's Jewelers - Bellefontaine, Ohio: Vannah Von Sally

13. Spring Quilt: BooDilly
14. Music is Life Mini #3: Jacquie G
15. Scrappy Cabin Challenge Blocks - Set 1: Jacquie G
16. cool windows1: fissiett
17. Double Wedding Ring Quilt: boutiquenutmegdesigns
18. DQS5: Needles-n-Notions

19. spiderweb progress: crazymomquilts
20. Stacked Coins Baby Quilt: crazymomquilts
21. Darcy's Quilt Back: crazymomquilts
22. In progress: crazymomquilts
23. Project Improve Blocks: Annaleih Designs

25. my haircut and my pillow: yummygoods (sugarsnap)
26. bends:pbo31
27. Gee's Bend Book Cover: Dacia Ray
28. Society In Decline
29. Starlite Star: bomobob
30. El Sol y La Luna II: heidielliott

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doll Quilt Swap 6

Yeehaw! I signed up for another doll quilt swap. I am so excited. I have lots of ideas bubbling around in my noggin for this. Now, I have to wait to get my swap partner's information...

Here is the flickr group for the swap(s).