Monday, February 23, 2009

Red and Aqua Charity Block for Project Improv

Red and Aqua Square

Now this particular square was interesting to finish. It seems that my scraps currently run to the pink, orange, yellow and green variety. I had a tough time coming up with Aqua in my stash. I have plenty of dark blue or light blue but almost no greenish blues. I have reds, but not to many.

The center part was not working to well for me. The striped part to the right had an almost lime green color and pink to mauve stripes. It was clashing to me visually with the blue square patterned fabric. Luckily though, when I attached the solid red fabric to the stripes, it hid the green and mauve stripes in that fabric. The only colors left visible are that sorta red and black stripe.

One of my favorite parts to this square is the red ribbon pieces sewn onto the top of the white strip on the bottom of the square. It was an extra piece of ribbon left over from some flower arrangement I received once upon a time from my wonderful husband. It seemed like the right extra bit of texture for the square.

The light blue bits in the white strip on the right and bottom are from a print that has apples and pears on it. I have a whole yard and a half of it that I am determined to make an apron out of. I want an apron to wear in the studio so I can keep my scissors and measuring tape right where I can always reach them. Oh, and pens and pencils too.

That's it for today, but I want to leave you with a list of some of my favorite YouTube animated shorts:

Rex the Dog 'Bubblicious'
I love the song and the stop motion animation for this one. "Say Baby... Say Baby... Don't leave me now... I love you..."

The Last Knit
Obsessive compulsiveness with knitting, err crochet and sewing for me, but this video rings true for any craft addict.

I will survive - Alien Song
This one has been around awhile, but the ending is a hoot!

Sumo vs. Karate
Okay, so this isn't an animated short, but it always makes me smile. My littlest kitty actually sits on her back paws just like the little black and white kitten in the video.

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jacquie said...

the block is beautiful...i love the addition of the ribbon!