Saturday, February 21, 2009

Old Pictures

I was looking through some of my old photo albums and stumbled across some pictures of me and my sister when I was still a toddler. Mmmm... Love those polyester outfits ;) I have included them for you enjoyment, more like gut busting with laughter enjoyment, but I figured we all need a good laugh once and awhile.

1972-73 - Age 6-8 Months
Heidi 1973

Easter 1973 - Age 10 Months, Sister Kim 4 years
Heidi and Kim Easter 1973

1974 - Age 2
Heidi 1974

In case you all are wondering, the bulge on my upper lip is a type of blood tumor. It was removed shortly after I turned a year old. There was no danger to my health other than hitting it on something and puncturing it. Me and hospitals are old friends as I had about six surgeries total to remove and correct my upper lip.

Now on to happier things... When I was in the 6th grade (1984), my school started an honor roll program called the 'A-Team'. And yes, it was named after the T.V. show of the same name on NBC running from 1983 - 1987. The local NBC affiliate caught wind of the program and decided to work out a prize for our school at the end of the school year. Basically, all the kids that were on the honor roll for at least 80% of the year had their names placed in a hat. The last name pulled from the hat won a free trip to California to meet the A-Team cast. The winner and their parents would go out to California for a total of 10 days, all expenses paid.

And wouldn't you know it, I was the last name pulled from the hat. So at age 10 I had my ten minutes of fame. Later my mom told me that people were stopping her and congratulating her on the trip and she thought they were pulling her leg. By the time she arrived at the school to pick me and my sisters up, she started to believe. She saw the local news van outside of the school.

At the time, my dad had just got back to work driving a semi-truck and wasn't going to be able to go on the vacation. My mom and dad worked out things with NBC and my father's work so that the whole family was able to go out to California for five days. We flew for the first time and rode in a limo from the airport to the Universal Studio's Hotel. We met the A-Team cast as well as the Rip Tide cast that week. I had a ginormous chili burger in the NBC cafeteria. We saw several T.V. celebrities while staying at the hotel. We also visited Disneyland and Sea World. It was a blast.

The cast of both shows were extremely polite and genuinely interested in what we had to say about ourselves. Mr. T was very funny and a big teddy bear. He gave me a Mr. T doll that I have stashed away in my closet somewhere. He kept giggling the whole time we were taking pictures and talking. Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict were very nice and talkative too. I remember Dwight being very funny and zany. Below are the publicity shots of me, age 10, with some of the cast from the show.

Mr. T and Me
Mr. T

Dirk Benedict, Me, and Dwight Schultz
Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz