Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project Improv: Second Charity Block

Here is my second charity block for the Project Improv log cabin quilts. I didn't make this one as wonky as the first. I also used the same fabric for two side of the block instead of just one (see the inside purple square.

I also wanted to have a definite border around the log cabin part. I was going to use white to outline it again, but it didn't make the light pink fabrics stand out very well. So I opted for dark purple instead. I had to piece the outside border as well since I ran out of the fabric. But I liked it better that way once I finished it.

Here are both of the blocks side by side:


Sara said...

The blocks look great. I like the dark purple! My 1st improv block was awful - I decided to call it a practice block and start again!

Sara said...

I took your advice and posted my 1st improv block...much room for improvement!

jacquie said...

both absolutely great! love the addition of the purple fabric...really adds life!