Monday, October 13, 2008

Elves' Gift Shop

As you may have read, I joined the Junior Woman's Club. They are a service organization that raises money for the American Red Cross. Every year their biggest fundraiser is around the beginning of December. They provide a place for children to purchase gifts for their family at reasonable prices. It is called the Elves' Gift Shop.

So I have been assigned to help with the Mother's table. I have been making some items with things from my fabric stash and scraps. First was scarves from a pile of polar fleece I have had for a while and haven't done anything with.

Fleece Scarves Boa Scarves

These are no sew fleece scarves cut into 6" widths and a length of around 59" (WOF, or the width of the fabric). The scarves on the right were made using my scrap material to make appliqued designs on one end. The yarn is leftover from a poncho I made one of my nieces. The one on the left is from a pattern found here.

You just sew down the middle of two 6" wide strips the WOF. I placed yarn across the width every inch. By the end, I figured out how to get the yarn in between the fleece. My first ones had it on one side of the scarf.

Wooden Jewelry Box Wooden Jewelry Box II

One of the other members of the Junior Woman's Club d├ęcoupaged this wooden box. I used some of my fabric scraps to line the interior. I even made a ring holder area. I used fabric glue, interfacing and webbing to make all the panels.

Jewelry Display

In addition to making items for sale, I made these earring stands. I used a leftover cardboard bolt I picked up at a fabric store. I cut the cardboard bolt in two and covering the bolt with black fabric. The blueish lines are yarn to hang the earrings from since some of them have very delicate post and may be damaged trying to hook them into the fabric. I still need to cover the inside of the stands with some fabric so the cardboard doesn't show.

Update (Oct. 14, 2008):

Pouches and Handkerchiefs

I forgot to add some pouches that I altered for the Elves' Gift Shop. They were originally all silver. I ripped out the seams and added some scraps of brocade fabric I had left over from making a purse for my mom and my sister-in-law. I added some free motion stitching to some with a purple metallic thread I had too. Some worked out better than others, but I think the black fabric compliments the silver. The handkerchiefs were made from a second hand sheet from the Goodwill Store. I finished their edges with a zigzag stitch.

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