Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Stamps

I completed some more rubber stamps. This time I used some doodles I did during a meeting. Just don't tell my boss ;)

More Rubber Stamps

I also made some reusable fabric gift wrap for my friend's 30th birthday present. I used two flat quarters that were similar in pattern, just different colors. I sewed a 1/2" seam around the edge of the two pieces, right sides facing each other. I left a small gap in the seam in order to be able to reverse the fabrics.

Gift Wrap Side View

Before reversing the sewn piece, I clipped the corners so that they would be able to be pushed out into points. I generously starched and ironed the piece once it was reversed.

The final step was to add a final 1/4" seam around the reversed piece. This effectively "tacked" the two sides together as well as closing the small gap from the original seam. Before sewing around this final seam, I made sure that the gap was ironed so that it had a nice folded finish.

I placed all the bits-n-bobs that I was giving my friend, all crafty supplies and gifts, in the center of the fabric square. Then I gathered up the edges and tied it with a bit of ribbon I had laying around. After tying, I arranged the top to look as it is picture. Gentle tugging got everything into place.

Gift Wrap Top View

By the way, this idea came from the instructables.com post on Furoshiki, "a type of traditional type of Japanese carrying cloth" (wikipedia).

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