Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vintage Sheet Swap

Well, I finished cutting up my vintage sheets for the flat quarter vintage sheet swap over at Crafty Little Beana. I had to redo one set because I found a hole in the middle of the flat quarter, Doh! It was the green backed flower one in the upper right corner that was the cause of my distress. And low and behold after I cut a second set, I found another hole. Grrrr.... Between the two cuttings I found two whole flat quarters to send to the swap. All is well now and I know the sheets will find new nice crafty homes to belong to :) I can't wait to see what comes back from the swap.

My favorites are the floral prints. I picked all these up at my local Goodwill store in Altoona, PA. My last visit yielded the yellow and yellow-green stripped ones. I think I will make some aprons out of the rest and maybe a quilt too. So many possibilities...

I have used the pink floral and yellow-green floral prints for linings in bags (two in from upper right). This pattern, Silk Pleated & Darted Purse, was from U-Handblog, Lisa Lam. She has great bag making tuts on her site. She also sells bag making supplies. She also posts to a craft business tips clog over on Craft-Boom.

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Jacquie said...

i have mine cut too. i hope they are ok. i like them, but who knows if other folks will.