Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pineapple Doily

My grandmother has been crocheting as long as I can remember. She has been making doilies for all the grand children as a wedding gift. And if they don't get married, well she makes them for the bachelors and bachelorettes too :)

I have been searching for some doily patterns to try and take a stab at making them. I want to be able to give my nieces and nephews some when they get married. As old fashioned as that sounds, I really loved getting them as a gift from my grandmother when I got married. It seems like a tradition that needs to continue now that my grandmother has poor eye sight and can no longer crochet.

 (pictures from DMC.com)
A little while ago I stumbled upon a free pattern, left picture, for a pineapple doily over at DMC. They have several free patterns if you want to go and take a look. I just found another doily pattern, right picture today, Cebelia Crochet Shell Edge Pineapple Doily, when I went to find the correct links for this post. I can't wait to try it out.

Here is my progress on the traditional pineapple doily:

The tread is white, not multicolored. Even though after touching up the picture in photoshop, it looks green on one side and pink on the other :) I am on the fourth round of the pineapple pattern. The pattern is really easy to follow. You do a lot of repeating of a set of stitches all the way around the doily. So once you have the new row's first set of stitches, you can easily move around the pattern without to much concentration :)

The tread is a heavier size 10, bedspread weight. I am using a 2.65mm hook. Any smaller of a hook and it would be tough to use the bedspread weight thread, for me at least :) I have a spool of regular size 10 and size 20 that I plan on using for the other doily patterns so I can compare them. For those of you new to crocheting, the size 20 is smaller of the two. In crochet threads, the smaller the number the bigger the thread diameter.

I like how this is turning out. The only problem I have right now is that it will not totally lay flat. But after starching and pinning it should be fine. I have finished 8 rounds and am on round 9. There are 17 rounds total. I was able to whip through about 3 rounds last night in an hour. (I am a slow crocheter.)

I plan to experiment with some Irish Croshet patterns too. I recently picked up some books on thread crochet, two I bought and one I borrowed from the library:

(pictures are from Amazon.com)
I will post more pictures of the trims and doily patterns when I get some progress done on them. In the mean time, I have to cut some fabric up for a friend that is just starting to sew. She will be making decorative pillow cases to match the quilt I am making for her and her husband. In my other spare time, snicker, I want to make a hat and bag set. I have some ideas, but nothing has struck my fancy yet.

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