Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just for YummyGoods

Melissa over at YummyGoods posted a lovely fiberglass rooster picture today. I promised to share my own fiberglass-figure-as-a-sign-for-a-business pictures for her. So, here they are:

Carmen Miranda the Zebra

This lovely creature was on top of a roof on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. It belonged to a costume rental business with the name of Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds. I have always liked Carmen Miranda parodies, especially when Bugs Bunny dress like her :)
Lucy in Disguise

Fran's Hamburgers Since 1973
This was also on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. I actually popped in and had lunch at this place. It was just as you would expect a drive in to look like: jukebox, plastic baskets filled with fries coleslaw and a cheeseburger. Ah, Americana... The food was yummy too!
Fran's Hamburgers

Actually Austin has a lot, and I mean a ton, of great neon signs. Below are a couple of my favorites. If you are interested I have a Flickr set of the neon I have shot along my travels.
El Sol y La Luna II
Staff Theatre

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