Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yarn Adventure

My sister-in-law, Heather, and I spent yesterday afternoon visiting the specialty yarn shops in and around my hometown. Heather is a knitter and I took up crocheting about two years ago. I took her to two shops, Knitters Underground and Stitch Your Art Out. Knitters Underground recently moved to a larger space then what they had in Centre Hall, PA. Boy, is it a big new space. They are still settling into the space, so things were a bit jumbled on the one side of the store. They have lots of yarns, weaving looms, needle craft notions, as well as friendly and helpful staff. It is also and adventure getting there off a rural road near Spring Mills, PA. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend it as a stop on your crafting tour of Central Pennsylvania.

The second shop, Stitch Your Art Out, has both yarns and quilting fabric. The ladies there are also helpful and they have a good selection of wool and novelty yarns. They also have classes :)

Although we didn't visit another of my favorite shops, Fabrics Galore, in Centre Hall. We had loads of fun perusing all the yarn options in the stores we visited. Heather ended up with some sock yarn and some Lambs Pride to make a knitted skirt. We then preceded to look through my own stash and give some of my skeins of Patton Classic Wool a new home at Heather's house. She is way more likely to use the stuff since I am currently obsessed with fabric, quilting and bag making.

We also visited my favorite fabric shop in Altoona, PA while my sister-in-law was visiting. I love looking at all the fabric that Surplus City has to offer. They have a really good selection of home decorator fabric. Don't be scared of how the building looks when you pull up. It is a surplus warehouse and is a little rustic. But the fabric and other merchandise is well cared for. You will need at least an hour in the place :)

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