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Pinnacle Frame Assembly: Part 3

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Continuation of the assembly of the Pinnacle frame from the Gracie Frame Company.

Step 4: Frame Assembly

This is the assembly of the main frame, or table. You will need to gather up your leg assemblies, left, right and middle, as well as the parts in the picture below. Hint: Keep your screws loose throughout this step. Getting everything aligned and all the screws in their holes took some negotiating. Not terribly so, but it will make the step easier. I learned this the hard way before my husband instilled the following bit of information to me.

The margin of difference not a reflection on the quality of the milling process of the frame parts. The parts are of high quality and the holes are in the right places. There are just a small differences in the placement of the holes when you manufacture a large kit like this, like maybe a couple of millimeters left or right of where it would align with another part. This is normal.

Take your time, keep the screws loose and it will all fit together.

WARNING: After this step it will be difficult to move the king size frame around since it will essentially be at its finished length. Make sure that you put it together in the orientation that you need it to be in to be used in your space. The frame can be moved forward and backward, but not around. At least not in a normal bedroom space like mine :)

Step 4: Parts

Step 4: Parts

All the parts to complete step four. All three leg assemblies, track supports and frame ends. The track supports are actually the front and back sides of your frame. They call them track supports because the plastic track will go into the top of them and serve as the track for the sewing machine platform to slide along.

Step 4-1 & 4-2: Attach Track Supports to the Front and Back of Right and Middle Leg Assemblies

Step 4-1: Attach Track Supports to Legs

I placed the right and middle leg assemblies on their sides in order to attach the track support to the back side of the frame. This worked pretty well for me even though my husband was available to hold up one end while I worked on another for this step. Red arrow is pointing to the set of holes on the right leg assembly where you need to attach the track support. You will also notice that the top brace is pointing toward the inside of the frame and the middle leg assembly. The other end of the track support will attach to the right set of holes on the middle leg. You need the left ones to attached the track support for the left half of the frame.

The blue arrow is pointing to the top of the track support. In the picture it is upside-down, but the top is thicker than the bottom edge and also has some yellow strips on it. You can't miss them :)

Step 4-2: Mistake, Track Supports to Legs

The red arrow show where I made the mistake of not attaching the track support to the outside set of screw holes. The track support end has to be flush with the outside of the leg assembly.

The yellow arrow show the top of the middle leg assembly. You can tell that it is the middle assembly because it has two top leg braces on it. The other leg assemblies are interchangeable. Just make sure that the top leg brace on the assembly points to the inside of the frame, as shown in this picture taken from the right end of the frame.

Step 4-2: Correct, Track Support to Leg

The blue circle show you that I now have the track support placed correctly; flush to the outside of the right leg assembly.

Step 4-3 & 4-4: Attach Right Frame End and Corner to Right Leg Assembly

Step 4-3, 4-4: Attach Frame End to Leg Assembly

This is the right end of the frame. The red arrow is pointing to the front of the frame. You will have two longer screws for the back corner piece compared to the two you will need to attach the front of the frame end. This is to accommodate the added thickness black plastic corner piece over the top of the frame end.

You will notice that I first placed the front two screws into the end assembly before attaching the back corner piece. I tried to do it in the order prescribed by the instructions, but it was difficult to hold and align the end assembly and the corner piece to place in the screws.

You will place the plastic piece over the top of the frame end assembly. The edge of the corner should cover both the end edge and the track support edge. They are rough, so the corner will help you from snagging and cutting yourself on the metal.

Step 4-5: Repeat 4-3 & 4-4 to the Left Side of the Frame

Step 4-5: Repeat 4-3 through 4-4 for Left End

This is a photo showing the track supports already attached to the front and back of the left side of the frame. The red arrow is pointing toward the front of the frame. You can tell it is the front by all the holes in the end assembly.

Step 4: Completed

Step 4: Finished

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