Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pinnacle Frame Assembly: Part 2

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Continuation of the assembly of the Pinnacle frame from the Gracie Frame Company. These posts are for assembling the King size version of the Pinnacle (123" length).

Step 3: Frame End Sub-Assembly

This is the assembly of the parts for the ends of your frame where the rails will be held in the rail mounts. The instructions have a typo where they list that you need 2 - Track Support Extrusions instead you need 2 - Left and Right Frame Ends.

As a result there is another correction needed in the instructions for Step 3-2: Slide the Take-Up Rail Fixture down to the middle of the slot of the Track Support Extrusion... instead you would slide them onto the Left/Right Frame End.

Step 3: Parts

Step 3: Frame End Assembly Parts

The blue arrows in the picture point to the top of the frame end part, the thicker square shaped edge. It also points to end, the one with all the holes in it, that will become the front of your frame where the rails for the backing, batting and top of your quilt will roll onto. The end with the two holes in it will be at the back of the frame and align with the leg assembly you finished in Step 1.

Step 3-1: Adding Screws to Take Up Rail Fixture

Step 3-1: Screws into Take Up Rail Fixtures

Make sure the screw are flush in the sockets, otherwise you will not be able to slide the Take Up Rail Fixture onto the Frame End. The screw heads will be facing the surface of the Frame End (see next step).

Step 3-2: Sliding Rail Fixture onto Frame End

Step 3-2: Slide Rail Fixture onto Frame End

If you hold onto the both screws as you slide the fixture onto the frame end, it makes it a little easier. As you can see from the photos, the fixtures have a rounded end and a squared, thicker end. Be sure to align them; and the fixture will only go on the correct left/right end, so you can't mess it up :)

You need to slide the fixture to the middle of the frame end in order to complete the next step. You are in the right place when the third screw hold of the fixture is over the long opening in the middle of the frame end.

Step 3-3: Adding Third Screw and Knob to Rail Fixture

Sorry for the fuzzy shot for this step, it was getting late in the evening when I was doing this :) The only tip for this one that I have is make sure that the screw is all the way in the socket and the knob is holding it securely, but not overly tight, in place. Eventually the two screws that you placed in Step 3-1 will be holding a rail mount in place with two knobs in Step 7. Which means that the screw head in this step will need to be flush so the rail mount will fit into place.

Step 3-3: Add Third Screw to Fixture
Step 3-3 a: Flip Over Frame End and Screw on Knob

Now that you have one frame end assembly finished. Go through the steps again for the other frame end to complete Step 3.

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