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Pinnacle Frame Assembly: Part 1

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I recently purchased a Pinnacle frame from the Gracie Frame Company. I am almost finished setting it up. As promised I documented the process and this is the first in a series of posts.

These posts are for assembling the King size version of the Pinnacle (123" length). The frame can be set up for Crib size too. I am keeping it assembled at the largest size so I can quilt for all sizes of bedding.

Unpacking the boxes

The frame is shipped by UPS in two boxes, (63" X 26" X 6") and (~ 48" x 26" x 6"). My Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Professional Machine came in one box that is about 25" X 23" X 15". The accessories for the frame, pattern guides, laser pointer, lamp, and speed control fit into a third box of 18" x 12" x 8".

Smaller Box

Top Layer of Smaller BoxBottom Layer of Smaller Box

The smaller box contains the parts:

  • Rail Coupler
  • Ratchet Wheels (red)
  • Rail Mount Ends
  • Table Supports
  • Take-Up Fixtures
  • Leveling Feet
  • Handle Brace
  • Legs
  • All the other little bits and bobs that are small...
  • Screws, Wrench, & Allen Wrenches

Top Layer of Larger BoxBottom Layer of Larger Box

The larger box contains the parts:

  • Top and Middle Leg Braces
  • Rails
  • Track Support
  • Frame Ends
  • Plastic Track
  • Table Surface
  • Parts for the sewing machine plate and handles

All the pieces laid out

All the pieces from the boxes laid out. This picture is missing the plastic track, leg braces and table supports as they are a little to the top and left out of the picture's range :) I have included close up of the parts as I go along, so you can see what's-what. And now on to assembling...

Step 1: Left and Right Leg Assemblies

Now before you start know that I combined steps 1-2 and 1-3 three from the instructions all into a step called 1-2 in the photos. Essentially, you have to move back and forth between the two steps anyway to get the leg attached to the leg braces. It is a snug fit, so take your time and keep your screws loose until you get all of them in for a particular step. You will not only want to do this for Step 1, but for all the steps.

Step 1: Instructions and Parts

Step1 - Parts

You will be assembling the legs of the frame together in this first step. Gather up all your parts. First screw in the foot levelers into the bottom of the four legs.

Step 1-1

Now layout the remaining parts so that you have two legs with the top leg brace at the top and the middle leg brace in the middle of the two legs, aligning that screw hold in the middle of the legs with the holes in the middle leg brace. You will have to negotiate the legs so that they are resting in between the open ends of the middle leg braces (see next picture).

Just like I outlined in red in the picture below, you need to make sure that the four screw holes on the widest part of the legs is pointing away from the top leg braces. You need these on the outside of the leg assembly so you can attach the track support pieces to the leg assemblies later.

Step 1-2

Step 1-2 b

Step 1-2 a

Now that you have the leg lined up. Start by screwing in the top leg brace screws. Remember to leave them loose until you get all of the screws started in the whole leg assembly.

Step 1-2 b

Step 1-2 d

Now that you have one side of the assembly with the screws started, flip it over and place the screws in the other side for the middle leg braces. You may have to skip back and forth between the top and middle braces in order to get all the screws in for both legs.

Step 1-2 e

Step 1: Finished Leg Assembly

Step1 - Finished

After finishing one leg assembly, follow the same steps to finish up the other leg assembly. These two legs will be on the ends of the frame. The next step will be to assemble the middle leg for the king size frame.

Step 2: Middle Leg Assembly

Step 2: Instructions and Parts

The middle leg assembly will follow the same process as assembling the two outer legs from step 1. The main difference will be that you need two top leg braces instead of one. The four screw holes on the widest part of the leg will still need to face out as well.

Step2 - Parts

Step 2: Finished Leg Assembly

Step 2 - Finished

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