Friday, July 18, 2008

Friends of Quasi

I have been reading the My Ugly Kitty blog recently and fell in love with both Renee's custom invitations and her "adorkable", Renee's term, not mine :), kitty Quasi.

Renee started a page called the Friends of Quasi to highlight "adorkable" and "normal" cat friends of Quasi. WARNING: If you click on the fiends of Quasi page, there are disturbing images of some kitties with bad injuries.

I sent Renee pictures of my three lovelies, and realized I hadn't shared my furry kids with you all. All three are from the same litter; adopted from a family here in State College. They are approximately four years old and are not pure-breeds. Just adorable mutts :) They are also polydactyl, or more than four digits on their paws. They are all named from the television show "Fraggle Rock". So here they are...

Boo (A.K.A. Boober)

  • Sex: Female

  • Hobbies: Sitting on a cat pedestal meowing while we eat dinner; meowing for attention and not the food

  • Likes: Cat food, laser pointers, playing with stuffed mouse toy when it has gone under the foyer closet's door

  • Dislikes: Strangers and loud noises, like the doorbell

  • Quirks: Fetches, Purrs very loudly

One of my two tuxedo cats, she has an unusual coat of fur. Her tuxedo markings are on top of an undercoat that has stripes like a tabby's coat. She is a bit scared of strangers, but eventually warms up to them. So much so she gets a little pushy at times for attention. Named after Boober from the television show "Fraggle Rock", who was also afraid and cautious. Boober was one of the five main Fraggle characters.


  • Sex: Female

  • Hobbies: Sleeping, blanket tag, shoving her whole face under a running tub faucet

  • Likes: Cat food, laser pointers, fast moving objects past the bay window

  • Dislikes: Boo, her sister

  • Quirks: Likes to bit the tips our her owner's noses

One of my two tuxedo cats, she is the smallest of the three. Wembley also has the biggest back paws of the bunch with one paw having seven digits originally, but one was removed for health reasons when she was spayed. My husband affectionately calls her, "all terrain", like the tires since her paw are so big. Wembley likes to watch birds and other animals from out big bay window between her naps. She also sits up on her hind paws like a meerkat. She also squeaks if you call her name. We think she is say, "Yeah, whatcha want..."


  • Sex: Male

  • Hobbies: Being chased by my husband around the house, playing fetch with the rabbit fur mouse toy

  • Likes: Cat food, laser pointers, fast moving objects past the bay window, a feathered cat toy carefully tucked away in our hall closet out of sight since it turns Gobo feral when he plays with it

  • Dislikes: Face being blown into, meows when people sneeze - we can't figure out if he is saying "Bless You" or "Be Quiet"

  • Quirks: Fetches, likes to lay like a dog with his back legs completely extended behind him; his belly flat on the floor

My wonderful male tabby, Gobo. My husband and I love his front paws. They look like he is wearing mittens all the time. He sits on my lap like a human child would and doesn't mind it. He licks his owner's hair like he cleans his sisters' fur. He talks to us when we talk to him.

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