Friday, July 11, 2008

Arts Fest and Crochet Trim

Arts Fest

Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts 2008; Friday night we braved the crowds to look at the art sidewalk sale. The weather was nice so there were lots of people out enjoying the art. My husband and I purchased some wonderful items that I will post later.What I find interesting is all the different medias present, fiber, metal, ceramic, printing, painting, drawing, recycled, glass, etc. One of our favorite booths was a quilt artist, go figure. She had some lovely patterns. My husband loved her stuff.

He is such a dear. He kept going from booth to booth looking at the wares. In pottery booths he would pick up a piece and comment on the weight, how well the foot was done and the fit of the glaze. In the quilt booth he was commenting on the craftsmanship of her binding, how the squares lined up and her choices of color schemes. I really enjoyed seeing him enjoy the night. I chuckled to myself. He is so married to a crafting geek. Not that he didn't have an interest in art before he met me :)

We are off to another show in a couple of weeks too. I drag him to them all the time and he takes them all in. He has always enjoyed art; he used to draw in grade school and junior high. He wants to get into watercolor and woodworking. Maybe the two of us can eventually retire early and open up an art shop...

Crochet Trim

I have a co-worker that teaches Irish dancing. I have always thought all forms of dance are interesting. Especially how they all have some grains of similarity. A while back she approached me asking if I had a crochet pattern for a collar and the edge of sleeves. At the time I didn't, but searched the web for her and found a few free patterns. She needed the pattern to finish her school costume. The Irish dance costume has lace collars and trim on the sleeves. Each school has there own school costume design, so the students where this costume during performances and competitions.

Then the other day a pattern went across the Craftzine blog, by The Ongoing Project. I sent it to her and also whipped up a couple of versions of the pattern last weekend. They turned out well. It was the first time I had actually finish a crochet project that used the crochet thread instead of yarn and a small millimeter sized hook. So, I decided to try a smaller thread size and an even smaller hook for my next project. The above picture is of my progress. It is from the 111 Easy Edgings (Leisure Arts #2924) book by Terry Kimbrough.

It will be a bookmark for my sister. I hope she doesn't read this blog until later, since it is going into her birthday box :)