Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mini Quilts

I made some small quilts recently that I stretched over a wooden frame for my mom on Mother's Day. Yeah, I know that was way back in May. But what can I say...

Any who, I had a wonderful time not planning these pictures in advance, other than purchasing the wooden frames for the stretching. I went though my fabric and scraps stash and just started piecing the pictures together. It was a big change from my planning out the quilts that I have done recently. I was able to do a lot of improvisation. I LOVED IT! I am going to have to do some more small scale quilts in the future.

Here are the results of my labor. The first two I gave to my mum. The last one I kept and is hanging in my hobby room where I do all my sewing.

Polka Dot Flowers (detail)
Polka Dot Flowers
The yellow flowered fabric is an Amy Butler flat quarter I picked up in Ohio last Christmas while visiting my father-in-law. I love how large the flowers in the design are as well as how abstracted, or simplified they are. I didn't want to distract to much from the yellow so I went with another tone of grey fabric for the side of the quilt. This was a scrap I had leftover from making coasters and place mats for my family this past Christmas. I have a thing for circle patterns too, if you couldn't tell :) I wanted to have some defining border between the fabrics with an area that appeared to overlap, so I cut out some of the dots and appliqued them on top of the flower print. The two white lines are bias tape I had left over from making a Denyse Schmidt oven mitt.

Falling Fruit (detail)
Falling Fruit
I fell in love with the bright fruit printed fabric when I saw it in my local JoAnne Fabric store, 40% off coupon baby! I kept thinking about all the cute kitchen nooks I have seen and the fruit pattern motifs. Then I started thinking about chair rails and how I like it when older homes take part of the wall of the kitchen or dinning room and put wood paneling, not dark paneling, but wood boards, on the lower part of the wall. Then they place somekind of molding between the wood paneled part and the flat plastered part of the wall.

As I was engineering this quilt, I didn't know what to do with all the apples. I didn't like them in a straight row. I also needed a bit of red to counter balance the red ribbon, so I cut around the apple and left only the core. I placed it in the lower left to lead the eye down in that direction. It offset the red of the ribbon and the red in the fruit pattern fabric.

Yellow Mums (detail)
Yellow MumsMy younger sister, Crystal, went onto E-Bay and found some fabulous fabric remnants for my birthday last year. I fell in love with the stark contrast of the yellow, white and black of the fabric. I like the over simplified flower designs, go figure :) As you have probably noticed, I segregate my quilts into blocky portions. Don't know why, just do... The white rectangles are appliqued as well as the four rectangles in the upper left corner. You may not be able to tell, but I did a little more quilting on this one than the other two. I had fun making up a design for the brown block on the right, but also had fun following the pattern of the flowers in the middle section. I used some yellow Sulky thread to add some spirals to the berry looking flowers on the fabric. I like how they turned out. The mum flowers are sorta outlined too. I also like how in the brown the flower that is cut off in the strip above the brown area is quilted to fill in the flower even though it is not "there". I did the same in the bottom white rectangle.

Juggling Bags
Issue 6 Craftzine Otedama PatternMy husband and his co-worker are jugglers. My husband had asked me a while back to make him some juggling bags from a pattern that he saw in my Craftzine magazine, Issue 6. It was the Otedama Pattern. I had fun using my fruit patterned fabric again. I also did a series in polka dots.

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