Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting Excited

Monday, June 30th is my birthday. It's my hmmm.... 36th. I am a 70's and 80's child. Roller rinks and skates, big plastic jewelry, jellies, polo shirts with the collar turned up, metal lunch box and plastic thermos with favorite cartoon characters on them, cartoons Saturday morning, the whole bit. Having spent my formative years watching Scooby Doo, Mork and Mindy and the A-Team, I have a soft spot in my heart for pop culture. So much so my husband actually has given me themed cakes for my birthdays. I have had Scooby Doo of course. And because we both think animation is cool in general, he also gave me a Power Puff Girl themed cake as well. Hello Kitty makes appearances in the form of gifts at Christmas. I have a stuffed Hello Kitty Doll on my desk at work. She even has a complete trousseau. No trousseau would be complete without a full black vinyl outfit, right? I am not kidding, Hello Kitty is currently dressed in a reversible black vinyl dress.

For my birthday this year, next year and possibly for the rest of my life, I ordered a Pinnacle machine as I stated in my previous post. I had thought long and hard about whether I really should purchase the thing. But in the end, I enjoyed quilting so much that I want to continue to do it. The quilting machine will help tremendously in eliminating the basting process altogether as well as making the quilting easier. I have small throated machine. It is very difficult to maneuver the material around under the needle when it gets larger than a pillowcase. Even free-motion quilting at larger sizes is not easy. Possible, but not easy or comfortable on the shoulders after a while. Not that these are really great reasons to by the quilting machine frame, but there were enough for me to consider it.

In order to make room for this behemoth, 123" in length, we did some rearranging of our hobby room.


Sewing Craft RoomSewing Craft Room


Craft - Hobby Room Reorganization

In addition to making room for my machine quilting frame, we also wanted to add more shelves so my husband would have more area for his technology items. We added a couple of shelves and a hanger rack on my side of the room so I could hang stuff I was working on. We moved my computer table to the same side of the room as my husband's. As you can see, we have our computers on the opposite side of the room as the sewing area. My husband and I like to be in the same room as our together time, even if we are not doing the same thing. We still talk and take breaks together. We did it all through college too. It works really well for us. He really likes to watch what I create. Justin is very supportive. I couldn't ask for a better partner in life :)

Another Craft Room View

Back to the reorg... You may also have noticed that some of my tables changed into nicer wooden ones. We purchased them at IKEA. My wonderful husband finished the tops and added on the legs. They are very lovely as well as very functional. They are wider then a normal desk so my sewing machine fits nicely on it with plenty of room for any pattern books. They also have adjustable legs. They can be adjusted to about counter height if I needed them to. My other two tables are adjustable too. I currently have them at counter height. My back no longer hurts since my ironing and cutting are done at the proper height :)

My Craft ClosetI moved some of my shelving into the closet. It fits really well on the one end of the closet. We were blessed with closets that are four feet deep and the width of our bedrooms. Lots of space for storage. On the right in the photo, I have some shoe organizers I use to keep my fabric scraps in. They are arranged by color. I picked up the tip from a quilt book I was reading.

I promise to keep you all up-to-date on the construction and usage of the frame. I anticipate its arrival sometime around July 12th. Just in time to quilt the queen sized quilt I am working on currently.

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