Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finished the First Marque Blocks

(Marquee Quilt pattern from The Modern Quilt Workshop book by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr)

I documented piecing together the strips and the 6x6 beige color blocks for you all. After sewing together four long strips from the 2.5 inch pieces, I pinned four 6x6 background color blocks to that long strip. You can see the additional strips waiting for later in the process at the top of the picture. After sewing the strip to one side of the beige block, I used my rotary cutter to trim off the excess.

First Strip Pinned to Background Block

You can see the first multi-colored strip trimmed and added to the bottom of the four blocks. Now I need to do the same step over but on the top of the block.

First Stip Sew on One Side of Background Block

The next picture has the strip pinned to the top of the blocks. When I pinned the beige blocks to the strip, I tried not to have the seam on the strip end close to where I would eventually trim away the excess and line up the border fabric with the side of the beige block.

Pinning Second Strip to Opposite Side

I sewed them together and trimmed them again. Here is what the blocks look like after step two.

Second Strip Added

Now I need to finish the outlining of the beige block with sewing on the final two strips. There were left over pieces of strips from the previous steps, so I sewed them together to make them long enough to cover the final two sides of the beige block. I arranged the strips so that I didn't have repeating/touching patterns with the top and bottom strips.

Laying out Third and Fourth Strips around Background Block

Once again I pin the remaining strips to the block. Then sewed and trimmed again. You can see in the pinned block picture about offsetting the border strip so that the seam is not close to where you would cut off the excess.

Final Two Strips Pinned to Background Block

To give you an idea of what and how I trimmed off the excess. I snapped a picture of the block right before I trimmed the excess fabric.

Trimming up Third and Fourth Strips

And presto chango! The first two finished blocks. Only 47 to go, YEAH! Actually I have four finished now, but who's counting ;)

First Two Finished Marquee Blocks

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