Friday, June 27, 2008

Finished Cutting Strip Blocks for Marquee Quilt

Finished Stacks of 2.5 Inch Blocks I finally finished the strip sets (blocks) for the Marquee Quilt pattern from The Modern Quilt Workshop book by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. There were 20 sets in all with about 8+ strips in them. The strips ranged from 1" to 2.5" in height and selvage to selvage in length. The fabric I picked out was from 40" to 45" selvage to selvage. I love seeing all the piles of blocks ready to be sewn together. These will be sewn end to end to make strips again, about 36" in length and 2.5 height. Then they will be sewn to the sides of the 6x6 inch block in the background color for the quilt.

Below are photos of cutting the strips into 2.5 widths from the strip block. I get about 16 pieces out of one block. I got tired of trying to count out each strip at 2.5 inches, so I temporarily marked my table with scotch tape marks. The clamps are helping keep the cutting surface in place in case i bump the table. Believe me I have... The clamps also help keep the two cutting surfaces correctly aligned so I can use them as one big one.

It is not "completely accurate", but it works for me. I aligned it before I placed the clamps on, so it is as accurate as I can get it without permanently fixing the cutting surface to the plastic table. There is a rubber matt under the cutting surface to keep it from slipping too :)

Tick Marks Cutting the Stip Blocks

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