Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Craft Room

Sewing Craft Room
We recently moved my sewing and crocheting materials to a spare bedroom in our home. These two photos are of my crafting area in that room. The other side, not pictures, is where my husband has his computer table.

We purchased the cool cubby shelving at Target along with the fabric cubes. I used the bottom of the fabric cubes as a way of folding my fabric to fit into the cubbies in the closet. You can't see it in the picture, but I have more cubes that hold all my yarn in the closet.

We added the white wire shelving previously. But it works well for storing the larger bits of fabric that are to bulky to fold into the cubbies. To the left in the closet I use the clothes hanger bars to hang the fabric I just washed but haven't be able to iron and fold into the cubbies yet. It works pretty well.

Sewing Craft RoomWe purchased the wall shelves and magazine holders from IKEA (love that store). The taller white table was purchased from Sam's Club. It is adjustable. A friend of mine mentioned that her cutting table was more at the height that a kitchen counter is so that it is easier on your back while cutting fabric. I couldn't agree more now that I have a surface at that height. I plan on making all my work tables in my clay studio that height as well.

My sewing table and computer table were also purchased from Sam's, but I have wooden tables being finished by my wonderful husband that will be replacing them. Plastic tables build up quite the static electric charge and tend not to be good on electronics, EEEK! Also the table is pretty light, so when I am sewing something the is a little thick the sewing machine moves across the surface of the table. Not fun! I end up having to hold the machine while trying help the feed dogs move the material though the sewing machine.

I love my cork board too. I have all my projects pinned to it so I can look at the steps, but it is off my table surface. I don't have to keep moving it out of the way :)

The chair in the corner is where my husband and I rest and do stuff while the other is working in the room. I often sit here while crocheting, since I don't need a table necessarily to crochet. It works out well, since we can be in the same area and feel like we are having together time while still doing our own thing.