Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crib Quilt

My First Machine Quilt
I finished my first quilt. Yeah! We had a surprise baby shower for my division head. I wanted to make something instead of purchasing, so I decided to make a quilt. This also allowed me to test drive making a smaller quilt before I made full sized ones for my nieces.

Quilt Planning on Graph PaperAnyhow, I used Amy Karol's "Bend the Rules Sewing" Easy Lap Quilt pattern on page 86 in the book. The quilt is made up of Quilters Flannel material. I took the time to plan out the placement of the patterns on graph paper (picture later) before I started to sew. This worked out really well since I don't have much floor or table space in my sewing room to layout the quilt pieces all at once.

I used my rotary cutter, t-square and cutting mat to try and get all the pieces as squared as possible. (Don't even get me started on WHY I never owned a rotary cutter before this year...) It seemed to work well, until I started actually sewing the long strips (rows) for the quilt. The ends didn't match up. I will have to be more careful when I do the larger quilts. I will probably use a cardboard template for the pieces instead.

Another sticky point for me was sewing the backer fabric. I tried to baste the layers together using safety pins, but the backer fabric still slipped a little when I machine quilted the layers together. I recently purchased some curved "basting" pins; maybe these will work better.

I think the quilting turned out well for the first time. I used a decorative stitch along side a straight stitch to get long running lines across the quilt. Every 6th row I just did straight stitches.



My inspiration came from a bed cover I purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond. (I know, purchased, but I wasn't sewing much at the time and I have a king sized bed. Not something I was willing to attempt at the time ;)

The final hurdle was the edging. I either didn't cut the edging wide enough or I sewed it on wrong. It still looks good, but next time, I think I will make it slightly larger just in case.

P.S. The stuffed toy is for size, my husband won it for me at an amusement park ;)