Monday, May 28, 2007

Its been a while...

Okay, so I haven't kept up with my blogging. But I have been good about finishing some projects.

Fleece Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket
I have a new nephew as of Saturday. I made a fleece blanket with crocheted edging for him. Hopefully it won't seem too "girly" for him. Purple was the only non-girl color of fleece I had laying around :)

Purse for Mom

Mother's Day has come and gone. I unfortunately was not on the ball to get my mother her gift on the actual day, but I did call. I am hoping to get the purse I made out to her sometime this week in the mail. I purchased some books for her too. She is a huge history buff. The purse was crocheted using Paton's Classic Merino yarn. This is my first attempt at felting and needle felting. I washed the crocheted piece only once in hot water with a pair of jeans in Tide with Bleach detergent. I had to block the felted fabric after washing in order to square it off again; the sides dipped in. The silver buttons were something I had saved from a blanket cover several years back. The liner fabric is a beautiful black, gray and white Asian designs on satin.

Grocery Bag

Reduce, Reuse
This was my prototype for a reusable grocery bag. My husband and I want to stop using the plastic ones. It is a little small and hard to load with stuff, so I am going to have to go back to the drawing board. I purchased a reusable bag from Wegman's and will try to replicate it. It has nice metal rings in the top of it so the checkout person can place the fabric bag easily on the rack where they already have the plastic ones.

Pointy Kitty

Pointy Kitty
Wee Wonderfuls has a great kitty softie pattern for free download. This kitty is my second attempt at the pattern. I increased the size of the pattern by 25% on my computer before printing it out. I am a beginner sewer, so it made constructing the kitty a lot easier for me. This kitty is for my niece. I am making another one for my other niece. Hopefully that will get done before I venture back to Illinois for my parents' 60th birthday party.