Monday, April 9, 2007

What a Weekend!

It started on Friday. I was cleaning up the garage of old furniture and taking it to a local charity drop off point. Cleaning the van for our trip to Pittsburgh's IKEA to get some stuff for the new hobby room where I plan to do my needle craft and sewing projects. Everything started great, got the cleaning tasks done. Got the cats to the vet for their shots. I even was able to slip in a few loads of laundry and get my current sewing room tidy for the move to the new room.

Justin returned home from California on Friday evening. We had a nice relaxing dinner. We went to bed early so we could get up and eat breakfast before hitting the road to Pittsburgh.

Saturday morning the forecast was for flurries, yes it is April, but nothing to be concerned about. We made it to Johnstown and picked up some friends that were going with us to IKEA. The trip to Pittsburgh was uneventful. We arrived at IKEA around 11 AM. After about two hours of wondering through the displays, I was ready to sit down with my graph paper floor plan to decide what I needed to purchase.

BTW, I love IKEA. Their ideas about storage and making very utilitarian furniture is awesome. I also like that the furniture has a contemporary flare to it as well. When I remodel my kitchen in the near future, I will be seriously considering using the kitchen designs from there. They had new displays that were geared toward commercial applications, like a dress shop. It got me thinking about my indoor booth design for the craft shows I eventually want to participate in.

Back to our day at IKEA, we were sitting down in the cafeteria to have a little snack and drink so I could overlook the floor plan. We were looking out the windows across the parking lot and noticed that the snow was getting a little steadier. It almost looked like it does when it is gearing up for white out conditions. I didn't really think anything of the snow since the after checking the forecast again, it was still stating that there would not be much accumulation.

We trudged on with our snack and making our decisions. After we loaded up our stuff and moved though the checkout, we went to a guitar store with our friends from Johnstown. I don't think I have ever seen so many guitars in one place before. By this time, it was just flurries still. We decide to have dinner at El Campesino in Monroeville. Excellent Mexican food; great margaritas. By the time we exited dinner the weather still seemed okay. We then tried to go to another guitar store, but it was closed for the day.

We start to head out of Pittsburgh on Route 22 and the snow starts to get worse. To top it off there is construction all along the way. By the time we hit Johnstown to drop off our friends, it was not looking good. There was just enough snow on the ground to make it slippery. The flurries had picked up and started to make vision difficult. That on top of it being dark, the time was about 9:30ish - two hours of driving from Pittsburgh, made for a bad situation. Johnstown is also notorious for having bad winter conditions even if other areas in central Pennsylvania are fine.

Our friends graciously offered their spare bedroom. We accepted. We were glad to not have to drive more that evening. We returned Sunday morning to our home. Well rested and safe. I found out this morning from a co-worker that there was squalls all across central Pennsylvania on Saturday that were dropping 1-3 inches of snow in a short amount of time. I will be glad when the snow is done.

Sunday, Justin and I spent part of the day putting together our new furniture and placing in our new light above our pool table. We remeasured the room and are going to do some planning in Google Sketchup. We will be continuing to add some storage items and move around stuff in our house to clear up some clutter.