Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Recent Projects

As promised, I photographed my first Project Linus blanket. This was made using the 'No Sew Fleece' pattern on the Project Linus site. My husband Justin picked out the fabric. I think the choice was heavily influenced by the fact that he loves planes. He is currently studying to get his license and is very excited about it. But I digress...

Here is a picture of my sewing space. It is currently under renovations, so its a bit disorganized. As you can see I am still not finished with ironing my backing fabric for the next round of blankets. I am hoping to do some applique, mainly cartoon characters I have sketched, for two of the blankets. Some of the others I have the fabric for are going to be a little more 'artsy.' I do these sketches that look like Asian language characters that I want to incorporate as applique on one of the blankets. But I figured I would get my feet wet by doing the cartoons first.

Crochet with Beads

I recently started to crochet with beads making some beginner jewelry items. I used the pattern from the March 2007 issue of Crochet! called Crocheted & Braided Necklace by Jackie Guerra, Sterling Publishing CO., Inc. 2006. It was actually really fun. If only I could figure out how to keep my cats from trying to play with the wire while I am moving the beads into place for the chain stitch. I have ventured a little further into beading, but only some rudimentary stuff. I am not completely happy with the ends and finishing it up with the claps at the end.

I LOVE Hello Kitty!

Well, maybe not love, but she is adorable. Justin purchased a Hello Kitty! hat for me two years ago. I loved wearing it, even though I am in my thirties. But you are only as young as you feel, right! I mostly wore it on the really cold winter days when I was shoveling my two car wide and three car deep driveway. Don't even get me started on that topic... I like the original so much that I wanted to make a kitty like crochet hat. I found this pattern in Lion Brand Just Hats. It is the pattern where you crochet a rectangle and then sew up the first and last rows together and then one of the other ends. The final step is making the ears. You just stitch across one of the corners made by sewing the top edge together and presto-chango you have ears. I added the bow by crocheting another small rectangle and then wrapping the yarn around the middle. The yarn I used was Lion Brand Homespun Baby Powder Blue. I also used Sensations Margherita, the fuzzy blue and green yarns, and Sensations Petalo, the fuzzy pink and yellow yarns.

More projects to come....

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