Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Project Linus

I have temporarily laid down my crocheting hooks to make some blankets for Project Linus. On a rare occasion that I was watching the evening news a news brief featuring the Project Linus organization was highlighted. Now, I know, you all are thinking that there are a lot of charities out there that crafters can make things for, but this particular charity donates blankets to kids newborn to eighteen that are in the hospital. They are not necessarily terminally ill children. Just kids that are sick.

Having spent some time in the hospital as a kid, I though that this was a great idea. I remember feeling so much better when my relatives would stop in with a coloring book. My parents were keen on bringing me stuffed animals. The items made the cold, stark, unfriendly hospital room feel a little bit more like home.

So I thought, hey, I can make a blanket. I crochet, a little, at least. Though the thought of making a blanket in crochet was a bit daunting. (I just started to crochet last September.) So, I went to the Project Linus site and low and behold they have a pattern for a 'no sew' fleece blanket. Yeah!

I immediately went out and purchased some printed fleece. Oh, and one of those cool roller cutters. Within 3 hours I had my first blanket. My husband even helped pick out the fabric! (He's been really supportive of all my craft endeavors, by the way.)

I have continued my blanket-making quest and purchased some more fabric. I spent most of my Sunday afternoon pre-washing and ironing the fabric. Last night I made some sketches of how I want to organize the fabric. I will post some pictures of my progress soon.