Thursday, March 29, 2007

Odds -n- Ends

Did you know that marshmallows expand when placed in a vacuum? I did an experiment on those lovely Easter favorites Peeps. You know, the colored sugar covered marshmallow treats in the shape of chicks and rabbits.

We just returned from Knoxville, Tennessee where we met up with some of our friends to enjoy the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We had a wonderful, though muggy, walk to a waterfall. Justin and I also visited an airplane museum in the area. I have some great shots of the museum over on Flickr.

Project Update
I was able to start on the fleece blanket for my newest nephew. I have it sewn together and about three rows of crochet stitches on the edge. Now I just need to sit my bottom down and finish it.

I also have all the pieces cut out for Pointy Kitty from WeeWonderfuls. I found this great old sheet at my local Goodwill that I am going to transform into Kitties as well. I also took the pattern and enlarged it since I am a beginner at softies and had a difficult time with sewing up the first Pointy Kitty. Those darn feet and tail were a pain to push out :) I posted some pics on Flickr of my progress.

Well with all the traveling, I haven't had the time or energy to get moving on my pottery studio. I am still waiting to hear back from my kiln manufacturer about the proper way to disassemble my kiln in order to get it through my basement door. Then it will be on to making some shelving for the kiln room. After that it will be deciding whether or not to do something with the throwing room floor since my attempt at painting the concrete didn't work out as well as expected.

I am contemplating putting recycled rubber flooring down. But it may end up that I put down ceramic tile in the room like I did in the kiln room, but we will see.

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